Keeping up with Google updates in 2015!

2014 was an insane year regarding search engine updates. Google continues to update its algorithms and its Penguin updates seem to be a reason of concern for most website owners. We should start by saying that for most websites it is hard to keep up with the latest Penguin updates and people with medium knowledge in this field barely understand how these updates affect their websites and their rankings. Most of them just see a change and they don’t understand what caused it, at least until they learn about the latest Google Penguin update. On our Google News section, you can read more about all the Google updates that will come in 2015.

All Google rules (Panda and Penguin updates) are respected by our link building packages:

1. Originality - each article, press, review and blog that we write is original, researched and informative.
2. Avoid Duplicate Content – each article is published on maximum 30-35 article sites, each press on 25-30 sites, each review on 20-25 and each blog on 15 sites. Using this strategy the duplicate content penalization is avoided and the built back links have extra value and will give extra strength to your keywords rankings.
3. Natural Back Links Building - All the submissions are 100% handmade, NO automated software is involved. You can check this by looking at our over 1000 GOOD SEO REVIEWS made during the past 7 years
4. Natural Back Links Appearance - The links will not appear all at once to your site. The indexing process of all the links will take between 1-3 months. The links will appear gradually to your site and everything will look naturally for all the search engines
5. Back Links Diversity – with each link building campaign you will get a mix of article links, press release links, social bookmarking links, and blog links. These will be made using different back-linking strategies such as: anchor links, direct back links and plain text links so your site will get a variety of back links.

Website Promotion is vital in placing your business on the Internet Map. We know that search engine marketing is not easy, so we’ve come up with the best strategy of obtaining more search engine visibility: one way link building. It may take time, but it is the most optimal approach SEO techniques offer at the moment.

Our solution is not just efficient, but it is also secure and 100% ethical. We provide one way theme links made through various methods, for a mixture of promotion sources. In addition, your website’s address will be placed on pages on the same topics with your business, with unique, optimized content. The method gradually increases website rankings, naturally improving your position, traffic and income.

We are not all talk! We do it and have visible results!
After analyzing our competition, we noticed all of them make promises: “we can improve your rankings!”, “we can deliver results!”, but when it comes to proof, they provide very few citations from “satisfied customers”. It’s really difficult to believe a SEO company can deliver anything, without sample reports, previous work examples or any other solid proof. Because of this, we provide a “Customer Ranking Improvements” section where we place monthly examples - solid proof of projects we have worked on, successfully finished and for which we have obtained very good results. It is all about facts and we offer you facts! You can convince yourself that our link building strategies improve our clients’ rankings for competitive keywords.

Constant Update and Improvement of our link-building-strategies
We invest time and money in solid research when it comes to SEO. We own different websites in different fields on which we experiment with different link building techniques. The results are analyzed and the feedback is used to achieve the best link building strategies. This is why we always know about the best sites from which to link to yours and we use the best link building strategies available (article links, press release links, social bookmarking links and blog links). – a top freelancing site for outsourcing any type of project
Our present freelancing success is strongly related with this amazing outsourcing website which made it possible. It is not just pride accompanying us in our initiative to describe our freelancing venture, but also gratitude for a well developed, ever developing web resource which made it possible for us to be hired the very first time we started out as online SEO providers. is the best choice when it comes to outsourcing any type of work because it facilitates online operations and can save buyers time and money. For GAMIT, an experienced Link Building Group founded on this website, has been of tremendous aid through the outsourced SEO projects posted there. We hope that our services have also been just as useful to clients looking to outsource their link building projects.

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