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A website receives its traffic from users who search for different keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Also, a hefty amount of visitors can come from social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).  Investing money into your website by making it smoother, with an up to date design and user friendly interface is not sufficient to increase your site revenue and profit. Having a great website helps if you already have decent traffic – a good number of people who find your site for your relevant products and keywords. For your site to achieve a good traffic it needs to be found on the first page of main search engines, especially Google, for its relevant business keywords and products. We say especially Google because it has almost 80% market quota from all the search engines out there.
So, besides having a website with great design and functionality you also need to have a website which will appear on the first page of Google for its main keywords and products. This is achieved throughout search engine optimization techniques. Google helps with this by providing some tips on what to do to have your website optimized. However the main techniques on how to fully optimize your site to reach top positions are not explained. For this you will need a SEO company with proven results, solid background and experience in this industry. You need a good search engine optimization partner to work with to bring your site on the first page of Google for your main products and keywords.
Gamit can become your partner because we have it all: over 12 years of experience, proven and checkable results, affordable and customized services to meet each client website and business needs.
Gamit was established in 2006 with the purpose to deliver the latest white-hat techniques which respect all Google guidelines by the book. The first step was to register our account on March 2006.  Since then we managed to receive almost 2000 reviews for completed projects and enlarge our team to 20+ members. Our services are tested and verified to comply with the latest Google updates. We managed throughout the years to achieve top results for all our customers by always adapting our techniques to the latest Google standards. We invest time and effort each month into research to find the perfect strategies which will improve our clients’ ranks in Google with no worries about any kind of penalization.

Contact us for a free analysis of your site which includes:

  • On site analysis report – a full report will be provided.
  • Site copyright issues – it is vital for your site content to be original and informative. We will check your site for this and provide a detailed report.
  • Google guidelines check – we will analyse your site to make sure that it respects all search engine optimization guidelines.
  • Spam back links check – a full report will be provided if you have spam back links to your site.
  • Keywords Suggestion – based on your site categories, products and services we will analyse together which are the best keywords for your business which attract traffic. You will receive a full list of keywords arranged by number of searches made per month.

Working with us is easy:

  • Once we select together your best keywords for your business a current Google ranking report will be sent to you with your current ranks. Based on this a customized plan will be made for your site and our work will start.
  • During our collaboration you will receive full reports with all the work done. We will monitor your keywords improvements in Google each month so you can track our progress.

Our services include: