About Gamit

Gamit Group short history

GAMIT was established in 2006 as a freelance group on the biggest freelancing site – www.Freelancer.com.  Our ambition was to offer affordable SEO services and to become the No.1 SEO provider. 2 years later, through hard work and dedication, we become and remained the NO.1 SEO provider on Freelancer.com. With more than 2000 positive reviews received for completing SEO projects (on Freelancer.com and Elance.com) we can say that our SEO services are tailored to meet the most demanding SEO requirements. Our customers have confidence in our SEO knowledge gathered throughout many years of work in the SEO industry.

Our SEO vision

The SEO world is rapidly changing and Google is becoming smarter & smarter. This is good for Google users because they can benefit more from good results for their searches. However, for web-masters, having a web-site and keeping it in top search results is becoming a nightmare. The SEO rules are changing fast, from month to month, so more time is needed to be kept up to date with the latest white-hat (clean) SEO techniques.  Our SEO team spends hours of work each week to research and document all the SEO news, updates + to make a thorough analysis of our SEO strategies impact. Having an experienced team by your side which invests in SEO research, analysis and  which is all the time kept up to date with the latest Google updates is the perfect combination.

Our statement and promise

With us you will be sure that you will benefit from the latest SEO techniques and that you will be kept up to date with all the Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird or other updates.   We have concluded that the best marketing strategy is the one we now provide you with. Our confidence is based on extensive analysis on the “likes and dislikes” of search engines. Optimized content SEO strategies is the key to secure, successful search engine promotion. All search engines are built with this basic principle: to promote the information and make it easily accessible to everyone. This is the reason why our SEO services are more valuable than any other strategies on the market: we are adding new valuable Internet content through our optimized, well written articles, press releases, social bookmarking, reviews and blog posts and the search engines love it! Their reaction is in your advantage!

SEO beginners advice

 We know that some of you might not be experienced in SEO and that some might not be up to date, but we have made this website rich in information, comprehensive and useful just for you. Please have patience and visit all our pages. Understanding our method better and asking us everything you want to know will prove to be in your advantage. So do enquire, comment or give suggestions, as your feedback is valuable to us and you input will make us better, for you!