How Gamit’s Internet Marketing Strategy Works

GAMIT’s main objective is to improve customer rankings on competitive keywords in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Having over 6 years of experience, more than 1500 SEO projects and over 30 team members we are certain that we can achieve your desired results.

We invest time and money in SEO research and this is why we now offer a variety of link building techniques for our clients (articles, press releases, social bookmarking and blog links), made in an original way, which will guarantee your top rankings placement.

GAMIT & Google’s Panda Algorithm
Google’s Panda Algorithm is a common sense update. We have been waiting for this update for some time now (3 years to be honest) and we are glad it has finally happened. When building article links, we always considered the idea behind the algorithm! We never publish the same article on more than 50 sites. All our articles are original articles and all our submissions are handmade.

Until now Google has penalized only in a gentle manner  the sites which had the same article published on hundreds of sites, the websites which used spin software to spin the content or the ones which used automated submissions. Google didn’t even penalize all of them until now, but things have changed.  We knew the time will come when Google will increase its protection and harshen the punishment of websites which publish the same article on hundreds of sites or spin articles using automated software. Because of this we never did it and this is why, after the Panda Update, our customers and also our own site! keeps the good rankings.

Basic SEO explanation for beginners:

As you already know, when people look for information on a certain topic in a search engine (Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN…), they type in the search field a certain word (keyword) that expresses what they are interested in. The search engines display a number of sites that contain the useful data, by identifying the keyword on those specific pages. However, the displayed sites appear in a certain order, an order decided through popularity and optimization on certain keywords. 
Therefore, the search engines are built to index sites on the keywords on which they are optimized. Because of this, and because of the fact that the number of links pointing to a site indicates to the search engine the popularity of a website, we have adopted a method of site promotion that implies links made with the help of optimized articles, press releases, social bookmarking sites and blog links. Our method is based on building one way theme links for our clients’ sites.

The theme links are made with the help of articles optimized on several keywords (given by the client). The keywords are necessary and they are chosen by the client and given to us even before the start of the project. The articles are then manually submitted to publishing sites and, after approval, they are soon indexed by Google. Google finds these articles easily, with the help of spiders which search certain keywords and then the associated links. In time, the links prove their value by raising your site or contributing to the speed of the rise in the search engines.

We manually publish the articles, press releases, social bookmarking reviews and blog posts on a fixed number of sites to avoid any king of penalization.

What are the keywords for?
The keywords have to be relevant for the site of the client. They are chosen by the client from the site’s area of expertise with the following purpose: the site has to rise in position in the search engine’s display of sites, on those keywords. We can also send keyword suggestion reports that help the client to choose the best keywords for the link building campaigns.
(For example: if the site is about flowers, then the keywords can be generic such as  “flowers”, “beautiful flowers”, “exotic flowers”, “cheap flowers”, “expensive flowers”, or specific such as the names of flowers).

The keywords are repeated in the articles (press releases, social bookmarking reviews and blog posts) for a specific number of times. They represent a certain percentage from the number of words the articles contain and they are placed in such a way that the search engines don’t find anything suspicious about it.

Why are the articles, press releases, social bookmarking reviews and blog posts important?
They are important because: each one occupies an entire page on a publishing site. Each page is optimized in a relevant way for the client. At the bottom of each article (in the resource box) there will be 2 links pointing to your site posted on the 2 keywords on which the article is optimized. These links are the most valuable of all as they fulfill the purpose of the link building campaign increasing the site’s popularity.

Do the articles have to be special?
The articles don’t have to be special in any way. The writers are not specialized din each domain they write about, but their level of English is high. They first research and document themselves about the topic they are supposed to write about and then they write the information they possess in an original manner. So, the articles are originally written and well optimized – the only two aspects that are relevant for the link building campaign.

Will you be able to review the articles, press releases, social bookmarking reviews and blog posts before starting the publishing process?
The articles are given to you (the client) before submitting them to the publishing sites. This way, you can inspect what we’ve written in order to avoid publishing wrong information that might bother you. From the SEO point of view, it does not mean that the articles have to be rewritten if they haven’t been written in a certain way. However, if you do ask from the beginning for the articles to be written in a special way or if you want a certain topic for them, we will try to do our best to satisfy your demands. So, communication is the key to a fruitful collaboration.
The articles are written with a lot of attention and interest even if the client does not specify the manner in which they should be written.