Monthly SEO services

When it comes to your business, having a great website with a good design and quality content is important. Your website design needs to be clean, up to date and user friendly oriented. Also, your site content needs to be clear, precise and easy to follow. However, a great website is not all that it takes to have a successful business if you do not have a constant number of visitors to buy your services or products. So, a key factor and maybe the most important one is to have a website which is optimized for search engines and which has traffic. The search engine optimization (SEO) of a web site has two major components: on site and off site optimization. These are explained at the end of this page so please take your time to read it all.

The best approach to SEO is the do-it-yourself one but we recommend another perfect alternative.

It will be perfect for you to gather SEO knowledge (because these SEO terms are many and quite difficult to understand) and use it for your site. However, for this a lot of time is required. Also, because the strategies to use are not clearly defined it means that you have two options to find the best ones which will bring clear and strong results:
  • Either test the SEO strategies on your site and monitor the results. However, the clear downside of this approach is the one that you will risk penalizing your site because there are chances for you to also test bad methods.
  • Either build a website, different from your business and use it for SEO testing and research. Based on the obtained results you can then clearly identify the best SEO strategies to use and implement them for your business.
If you do not have time and resources for the do-it-yourself SEO as it was explained above then another solution will be to search for help and find a SEO agency. But, when making this research in Google you will notice that there are many SEO agencies which will promise you all type of results for different budgets and periods of time. So now the main question is: How do you select the best SEO agency, which criteria to use? We have the following recommendations:

  1. Years of experience – you should make sure that your chosen SEO company has at least 7 years of experience in this industry, the more the better. As we previously said, the SEO rules change and adapt so it is vital to know which one worked in the past, which ones did not, and predict what will happen next. An agency with a good experience will have more success with its SEO & link building strategies when it comes to optimizing your web site.

  2. Checkable portfolio/Results – you will notice that every agency has a portfolio section, customers feedback category, etc., to convince you that they are the real deal. However, the main question is: How can you trust that those SEO testimonials and results are real and not fake? Unfortunately you can’t check it. Everyone can present and say that they are the team working behind those great results. However, there is hope because a really small number of SEO agencies results can be checked and verified. I will present bellow how our Results and customer feedback can be properly verified.

  3. Efficient SEO strategies – Every agency has different proposals, packages, techniques when it comes to improve your sites web presence. If you will do a quick research on Google you will notice that these are mainly based on the same strategies such as: link building – which means that they will build back links to your site with the help of different link building techniques. The main difference between agencies is how many back links are built, how often, and from where these will come (what type of sites are used for the link building campaigns). If an agency has the best results for its customers then you can conclude that it uses the best strategies. But, if these results can’t be validated/verified then it is very difficult to identify the best agency with the best customer results.

  4. Full reports – A good and respectable SEO agency will send full reports of the work done with clear explanations. You need to take this into consideration when you will choose your SEO partner. Is best to have a partner from which you can learn search engine optimization and know exactly what you pay for. Also, monthly reports with your site Google rankings reports for you to check are mandatory.

Monthly SEO Services

Monthly Package 1
Monthly Package 2
Monthly Package 3
Monthly Package 4
Monthly Package 5
Monthly Package 6
No. of keywords
4 to 6 
6 to 10
10 to 16
16 to 22
22 to 30
30 to 50
No. of pages optimized for your site
Monthly price
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months

Why do we believe that our SEO agency (Gamit) is different and that it will be your perfect SEO partner:

  • Experience – we work in the SEO industry from 2006. We do not ask you to take this for granted without checking. Please check our SEO freelancing profile on and you will find out when our profile was made: “Member since March, 2006”.
  • Checkable results – Please check our Results section were we present a complete analysis of what results our customers have after using our services. You have access to full PDF and HTML (web) reports. Also, at your request we can provide additional reports with the work done which you can check and convince yourself that we really worked for those sites. Another way of checking our credentials and SEO projects reviews is again on our profile page. You will notice that we have almost 2000 reviews received for different SEO projects with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars .
  • Effective strategies – If you are convinced that our SEO reviews are legit then you can conclude that our strategies are effective and work. Also, we can add more to this saying that our techniques are up to date with the latest Google requirements. We sustain this affirmation with our Results explanation section were improvements of our customers over a period of 1, 3, 6 months and also up to 4 years are presented. You can not get first page rankings for a website and maintain it for a long period of time if you do not use the latest  SEO and link building strategies .
  • Full reports – we establish deadlines and send full reports when these are achieved. You will always know what type of work is done for your site and you will be able to check it.

Our promise to you:

1. Originality – our strategies are based on original content optimized for your main keywords. We mix different techniques to find the perfect balance and the perfect approach for each customer.

2. Only white-hat strategies – we choose to implement our campaigns following an increasing monthly approach. This means that the volume of work that we do for a website will increase from month to month. In this way we make sure that the SEO process looks as natural as possible. The keywords positions will have a constant improvement each month. By doing this the top ranks, once achieved, are easily maintained over a long period of time.

3. Manual (human made) SEO & Back Links  – Our team has over 20 members which respect a clear quality of work checkpoint list. There are no cutting corners in our approach. We use standard company hierarchy with junior project managers, senior project managers, etc., with the purpose to avoid any type of mistakes or misconduct from our team. We regularly check our team to respect all our SEO quality guidelines so you can be sure that all the work that it is done for your site is top quality and manually made. There are a lot of companies who do their projects using automated submission software which brings few results and a high risk of Google penalization.


Before starting the work we will make a complete SEO analysis of your site

Site copyright issues – On site SEO analysis for original and duplicate content problems that might stop it to improve in Google.
Site blacklist check – Site check for Google blacklisting and different malware/viruses that it can have and attract penalisation by the search engines.
Google guidelines – Site check to follow the most important Google guidelines.
Spam back links check – Back links quality check that the site already has.

For all the above SEO packages you will receive the following  reports

Keywords Suggestion report – based on yoour country(city) and language we will send you a keywords suggestion file to help you choose the best keywords for your site.
Initial Google Ranks – you will receive an initial ranking report for your chosen keywords.
Complete reports with all our work – At the end of each month you will receive complete reports with all our work.

The on site optimization refers to:

  • Site content – needs to be written to accurately reflects your business and products. Your site content needs to be 100% original, different from all the other content available on the web and optimized for your main keywords. The term keywords refers to your site products or services that you want to sell and for which you want your site to be found in search engines like Google.
  • Site structure – your site needs to be easy to navigate by both users and search engine spiders. The spiders are programs (algorithms) used by search engines to find and read your site content and structure. Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration when you build your website to make it search engine friendly.
Unfortunately,  having a web site with a great design and on site SEO  is not enough to receive an acceptable number of visitors and make your business profitable. Besides the on site SEO aspect you need to also consider the off site one.

The off site SEO refers to:

  • How well your site is known and referenced in the world wide web (WWW). If your business services or site products are mentioned in the WWW community, then the spiders (ex. Google spiders) will notice this. Will then go to your site to check it for consistency and relevant content. Based on these factors your site will be indexed (re-indexed on a regular basis) and its keywords rankings improved (position that a site has for different keywords in search engines).
The off site SEO techniques are generally based on one main key-factor which is normality. It is normal for good services/products to be discussed and mentioned on the web. It is normal for a site to conduct marketing/advertising/link building/SEO campaigns to improve its web presence and attract visitors. The normality factor and common sense is mentioned by Google when it explains how to properly advertise your site and what to do for it to make it more search engine friendly. However, these terms of “normality and common sense” are not clearly and properly defined. Because of this everyone is testing the limits with the off site SEO promotion strategies. It takes time and knowledge to achieve experience and be able to design and implement the most effective on site & of site SEO strategies which will not penalize your site. And yes, your site can be penalized by search engines if it does not have a proper on site & off site optimization. We also need to consider that Google is trying on a regular basis (once at 3-4 months) to make its search results more accurate. To achieve this its main algorithm is constantly updated and improved together with its both off site and on site rules.