Monthly Link Building To Reach TOP Ranks in Google

  • If you have already tried our link building services you have probably convinced yourself that building monthly quality one way theme links is the right choice
  • A long term SEO contract for your site will provide a periodical source of links for ranking improvement or position maintenance, without attracting search engine penalizations.
  • Please check below 6 Monthly Link Building Campaigns with subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months which can be terminated at any time:
    • Only for this month orders you will get a 25% Bonus links for each package with specially written bonus articles!
Monthly Link Building
Monthly Package 1
Monthly Package 2
Monthly Package 3
Monthly Package 4
Monthly Package 5
Monthly Package 6
 monthly  monthly  monthly  monthly  monthly  monthly
No. of Keywords*
10-14 14-18 18-22 22-30
1+1 Bonus
3+2 Bonus
4+3 Bonus
8+5 Bonus
12+7 Bonus
20+12 Bonus
Article Links
Bookmarking Links
PRESS Releases
Press Links
BLOG Articles
Blog Links
Total BACK LINKS/Month
150+25% Bonus*=188
350+25% Bonus*=438
600+25% Bonus*=750
1000+25% Bonus*=1250
1500+25% Bonus*=1875
2500+25% Bonus*=3125
Detailed Offer
PRICE per Month
99 USD
199 USD
299 USD
499 USD
699 USD
999 USD
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
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            • * The bonus links are made each month for your chosen subscription. The bonus links are built using the specially written bonus articles which are mentioned for each offer!
            • For 6 months subscriptions we will make a 15% bonus links for the last 3 months
            •  For 12 months subscriptions we will make a 25% bonus links for the last 3 months
          1. No. of keywords* = Is the optimal number of keywords recommended for use with each Package, however this is not the maximum! The restriction can be calculated by the following: for each packet we can use maximum 2 keywords per  article, 2 keywords per press release, 2 keywords per blog and 1 per review.
          2. Each article/Press Release/blog will be optimized on 2 main keywords and will contain 2 links to your website. Articles/Press Releases are 500 words long, while the blogs contain around 300 words.
          3. *Each review will be optimized on 1 main keyword and contain 1 link to your website. The reviews are 130 words long. 
        With ANY of the above packages, we can also provide the following, free of charge:
            • An On-site SEO report of your Homepage (created with the help of which indicates exisitng problems and solutions. It consists of:
            1. Meta-Tag Keyword Analysis
            2. Title page Analysis – character and keyword count within your page title
            3. Description Analysis – character and keyword count within your page description
            4. Body Analysis – keyword analysis within the body of your page in a correct manner
            5. File Sizes Analysis – if your page size is in the Industry Standard
            6. Download Time Analysis –if your site is in the Industry Standard
            • A file with keyword suggestions for your site, based on:
            1. Advertiser Competition in Google
            2. Approx. Search Volume for the previous month in Google
            3. Approx. Avg. Search Volume in Google

        Why choose a Search Engine Optimization – Link Building Contract for your site:

            • With each month’s work, you will receive an initial ranking report (made for the keywords you have selected) for Google, Yahoo and MSN, indicating whether your website appears in the top 200 and where it is situated. You can check samples of rank reports on our Results page!
            • After 1-2 weeks from the moment your monthly links are delivered, we will again supply you with a new keywords ranking report, to provide information about how rankings improved based on our work.
            • Once you have achieved TOP rankings for your keywords, if you wish to improve your rankings for other keywords, we can provide assistance in further proceedings.
            • We adapt our link building campaigns according to your website’s requirements. If new link building campaigns are required, the number of links to be built is recalculated for maintenance only.

        The homepage PR of the websites where we submit:

            • PR of Article-Publishing Websites – 70% have PR 2 to 6.
            • PR of the Social Bookmarking Websites – 90% have PR 2 to 8.
            • PR of Press Release-Publishing Websites – 100% have 2 to 7.
            • PR of Blog-Publishing Websites– These are free blog websites accounts made on High PR Blog Domains (like PR9 or PR6 ) which we are currently promoting to increase their PR and add more value to your back links as well.

        About the Social Bookmarking, Press Release and Article Websites we use:

        Link Building services through Social Bookmarking (Review Links):

            • A high number of Social Bookmarking sites are made available on the web. This can give anyone the feeling that it is very easy to benefit from using them without hiring someone especially for this job. However, inexperienced users may avoid that many of them have the same C class IP. Major search engines can easily ban a website reviewed on such websites. This may lead to the ruin of months of previous efforts in obtaining good rankings for your website on certain keywords.
            • To prove our professionalism, we have used our experience to compile a list of Social Bookmarking Sites with only the best picks: with high homepage PR and different C classes IPs. You can rest assured that our SEO services have your best interest at heart. Here are some samples of the websites we will use in our social bookmarking activity:

        Link Building services through Press Release and Article Links:

            • We most warmly recommend Press Release and Article Link Building campaigns. This is our strongest SEO technique which will bring your site QUALITY one way theme links. The value of the links obtained through this technique is intrinsic to the method. Each article represents an entire page written in theme with your website’s subject. An article hosts optimized text and the back-links pointing to your website – anchored on the keywords of your choice. Because of the balanced, well-distributed optimization of these articles, these one way theme links are very effective.
            • Since 2006 we have built a valuable list of articles and press release sites which we constantly keep updated! With our link building services, your websites will benefit from permanent links from well established and appreciated websites.

        Thank you for using our services!