3 Rank Checker Tools That Everyone Is Speaking About.


1. Introduction

Without search engine optimization, your website would not benefit from the level of visibility that it requires to welcome visitors that click on search results. Your pages have to be located at the top of search engine results pages to have a higher chance of being clicked on and visited by web users. Dealing with SEO manually is definitely a hassle, which is why opting for automated tools would be the right way to go. One of them would be a Google rank checker, which (according to masterblogging.com) “will show your organic search positions for your target keywords”.

This kind of tool does much more than that as you can rely on it to gather relevant data meant to help your website improve its ranking on SERPs. It will provide you additional details regarding your competitors and will allow you to track your progress so that you always know exactly where you stand as well as what needs to be improved regarding your SEO efforts. A rank checker offers you accurate information about your current position on search engine results and the chance to take measurable action at all times.

Investing in a rank checker can make the difference between guessing what keywords will offer you the best opportunities associated with search engine ranking and which of them are saturated by your competition.

2. Why Is a Rank Checker Tool Important for You?

One of the most important reasons why every website owner should use a reliable rank checker tool would be that it shows how keywords evolve in search engines. You can rely on it to track these keywords, as opposed to not knowing much about the position of your website and why it is there. Not paying attention to keywords when writing and publishing content is one of the mistakes that prevent your website from reaching the top.

At the same time, while relying on a rank checking tool, you will also find out whether the SEO strategy that you have opted for delivers the desired results. Without knowing if your search engine optimization approach is successful, you can’t see the exact steps, ideas or keywords that can help you benefit from increased awareness in the online environment.

While offering you the chance to learn more about the keywords that you have chosen and if they have given your website the boost it needed, it is time to make adjustments. Again, you can rely on the assistance of a tool that does not only help you learn all of the details mentioned above regarding your website, but also offer you the chance to make informed decisions regarding the SEO strategy that you will implement from now on.

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3. What Are the Top 3 Rank Checkers on the Market?

There are various rank checkers on the market, but only a few of them offer complex solutions to website owners. We have chosen the top 3 that will help webmasters not only learn the current ranking of the keywords they rank for in search engine results, but also provide a wide range of features that makes the entire optimization process less of a hassle.

SEMRush is one of the top choices for webmasters that are looking to improve their site’s search engine ranking. This specific tool will give you a detailed answer to one of the most important questions you might be asking yourself – that would be “What keywords do I rank for?”, according to shoutmeloud.com. What you need to do in order to see exactly what kind of insight you gain access to is type your URL in the right field and the keywords that you rank for will be displayed on the screen. You’ll not only learn their current ranking, but will also learn other essential information such the actual keyword competition.

Moz Pro is yet another rank checker that is worth your while. In the SEO field, Moz is definitely known for the versatility and utility of their analytics tools. It’s essential to know that when you opt for a paid subscription, once you have managed to setup your account, the tool will make sure you receive automated reports that provide priceless information regarding the ranking of the keywords that you are using on your website. Of course, you will be required to setup a campaign, process that is easily done by relying on the useful interface of the tool. It has amazing filtering options when it comes to the Keyword Explorer feature.

Another interesting rank checker is Advanced Web Ranking, which “encompasses features from other tools, like SEMrush and Authority Labs”, according to link-building-strategies.com. What you should expect from this tool would be to offer you accurate ranking insights as well as help with competitor analysis and keyword research. It is scalable in a way that allows users to benefit from unlimited keyword tracking. A main advantage associated with this complex rank tracker is that it can fit even smaller budgets, while providing the required level of analytical data for implementing and adjusting an efficient SEO strategy.

4. Why Does Gamit Use Such Tools?

While manually checking the ranking, search volume and other details of your keywords is time consuming, relying on the right tool will not diminish the overwhelming complexity of investing your resources in the best SEO resources. Gamit is an SEO agency that will make sure you are never overburdened by these details, as our company handles every single aspect associated with search engine optimization. It is important to understand that an efficient SEO strategy cannot be created without relying on a rank checker first. Knowing the current position of your keywords will help our SEO experts provide a personalized package of services, designed to deliver the desired results.

The main reason why our approach is so efficient would be the fact that Gamit uses professional ranking tools like SEMRush and Advanced Web Ranking to monitor clients’ ranking and provide a comprehensive results report. This service is free of charge when choosing our company as an SEO provider. Actionable analytical data is the pillar of any strategy that we design for our clients. Gathering more than enough information to actually help your website reach the top is a process that does not begin without a reliable Google rank checker.

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