4 Services That Any SEO Reseller Must Be Able to Provide!


1. Why Is SEO Audit the Most Important Service That an SEO Reseller Must Provide?

Becoming an SEO reseller is the best alternative that you can use to start a new online marketing company or expanding your current one. For the first option, you will need to find a partner that provides white label services that you can resell and make a profit. But you need to make sure that the agencies provide the 4 essential SEO reseller services. They are a complete set that will take care of every need of your clients. The same services will be needed for agencies that want to expand using this method.

The first and the most important service that you will need is the SEO audit. Why? Because it is an essential part of any SEO campaign. Even if your clients do not need a full SEO package, they will need an SEO audit to help them discover exactly what their website needs to reach the top ranks in search result pages. But there are many types of audits that you can find on the market. So, you will need to do a little research and find the best options for you.

What are the essential types of SEO audits?

There are 4 types of audits that a SEO reseller can introduce. SEO is a large and complex field. So, most experts agreed to separate it into 3 parts and take care of them individually. But this also caused the audits to be separated in these parts. So, you can find audits for each part, and you can also find options that cover all of them. It is your decision to choose which types of audits you will offer to your clients. The 3 types of separated audits are:

• Technical SEO audit. This type of audit covers all the technical components of your website. Nowadays, search engines place a large amount of importance on the experience and satisfaction that a website can offer to its visitors. And the technical part of a site is a big factor. There are 3 essential components that this type of audits must cover. The first one is the functionality of the links. If links do not work, then the visitors won’t be able to access your website, and your ranks will drop. The second one is the loading speed of your pages. The longer it takes, the more frustrating the experience of your visitors will be. And lastly, mobile compatibility. Nowadays, more than 50% of search engine users use mobile devices. So, your website must be compatible with them.

• On-site SEO audit. The second type of audits that a SEO reseller can use will cover all the content-related parts of your website. These components will also influence the experience and satisfaction of your visitors. Firstly, the articles, videos, and podcasts represent the bulk of the content used on the internet. So, a reliable audit must check their quality and make sure that they are good enough to satisfy your visitors and make them come back for more. Also, the forms and ads used on the website much be checked. If they affect the experience and satisfaction of the visitors negatively, then you need to change them.

• Off-site SEO audit. And lastly, the off-site audits cover the SEO components that are not related to the websites of the SEO reseller’s clients. Keep in mind that a large influence on the ranks is the authority and reputation of the websites. So, the more backlinks the website has and the higher the authority of the websites where they are placed is, the better the results that your clients will get from this part of SEO. The goal of this audit is to find any backlinks that may affect the ranks negatively. And to create a custom solution that your clients can use to improve their off-site SEO. Most of the time, the solution consists of SEO reseller services that you can provide to help them.

How will an SEO audit benefit your clients?