5 Tips on how to chose the best SEO expert – don’t be a SEO scam victim!

Finding the right SEO Company to work with might be a difficult task when you want quality at reasonable prices. You can choose to work with a company from the web, by searching in Google terms like “link building strategies” or “SEO company”, or with a freelancing company on a freelancing site. There are many SEO companies with different Link Building packages and SEO approaches which can help your site rank higher and receive theme traffic. At this point a normal question pops-out in your mind “Can I really trust these guys”.

We’ve heard of many SEO scams that make a lot of promises, take your money and then disappear. They show on their sites fake examples of previous work, they pretend to have a lot of experience in the SEO field, but you end up losing your money and your trust. Because we, GAMIT, are also a SEO company we receive a lot of questions like “Can I really trust you”, or “How can I know if your promises are true”. Because of this we’ve decided to inform you about 5 easy steps to make the best choice when hiring the best SEO company:

The 5 tips are:

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1. First step – you need to be able to verify their previous work. There are many who say they’ve made a lot of work for site X and they pretend the high ranking of this site is the result of their own work, but the question is “Can they really prove this?” Regarding us, GAMIT, you can check our SEO reviews on the TOP freelancing sites. This way you can be assured that we have a good SEO experience, a high number of satisfied clients and that we will do a great job for you.

So the first advice is to be sure you can check the previous work of the SEO firm you intend to use.

2. Second – you need to be 100% sure that you understand exactly what the SEO company does for your site. The ranking improvement process is a process which takes long and depends on many factors. Don’t hurry to start the work if you don’t know what you will get after the work is done. It’s better to know what to expect and you will know how to measure the quality of the work.

So, the second advice is to discuss every detail with your SEO company before moving ahead with the project, so as to know what to expect at the end of the SEO project.

3. Third – be sure how much you will pay for the SEO work that you receive. Many SEO companies use many tricks to hide fees, monthly maintenance packages that you will need to use after they finish the project. So, knowing exactly how much you have to pay will help you manage your money and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Third advice – Discuss all the price details before starting the project.

4. Fourth – once the project is started be sure to set up different milestones to be able to check the project’s evolution. It is better to be up to date with the progress of your project.

Fourth advice – Verify the progress of your project on a regular basis.

5. Fifth advice – after the project is finished, be patient for the results. You should verify the delivered work and have it coincide with what you agreed in the beginning with your SEO Company. Then you should have patience to see the SEO results – ranking improvements. This will usually take time because the built links need to be indexed by the search engines and your site has to be reevaluated.

Fifth advice – after the SEO project is finished, ask the SEO company how to monitor and what to expect as a first result.

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