A comparison between the 5 best online tools for performing a website SEO audit

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1. Introduction

For an SEO strategy to deliver the desired results, you need to make sure that you begin with an SEO audit for your website. Without knowing the strengths, weaknesses or the opportunities associated with your site, devising the right SEO plan will be challenging, to say the least. According to searchenginewatch.com the audit of a website is the process of learning what is the health of your site in regards to SEO.

This means that the right agencies will start with this procedure first, which means that they will focus on aspects like technical website evaluation, content relevancy review, overall keyword strategy, backlink profiles and so on. Its importance is directly related to the way your SEO strategy can be created and implemented. There is no way you could achieve the best results in matters of SEO if you don’t know whether there are any issues that have to be resolved before you do anything else.

Improving your website’s ranking is not a possibility if you don’t know all of the details mentioned above, about your website. What you need to do in this case is prepare for the actual audit by learning exactly how it can be done, what sort of options you may have in this case and if there is a tool that can meet your needs. Any SEO audit must end with a list of recommendations that you should implement yourself or allow an SEO agency to do it for you.

Which are the best top 5 SEO audit tools?

seo audit process

Although there are many tools available online that are advertised as ideal for performing an audit for SEO purposes, we have selected the top 5 SEO audit tools that you should consider choosing from when you are ready to learn more about the current condition of your website.

Moz – when talking about the Moz Pro subscription, one of the main advantages webmasters can benefit from, according to hubspot.com, is the fact it has its own crawler, which will “analyse up to 3,000 links on a given URL”. After the process is completed, users get an email with all of these details regarding each link. This tool is amazing for competitor analysis. Nevertheless, when it comes to disadvantages, it can give too many false positive when performing an in-depth technical analysis. As far as prices go, the Standard plan is $79, if paid annually or $99 if paid month to month.

SemRush – is great as an SEO audit tool if you are looking to take advantage from similar SEO on-page advantages. Webmasters can highly benefit from analysing the performance of their web pages as compared to their competitors. Users can choose a free subscription that has limited capabilities or three different pro plans (the cheapest one is $99.95). A disadvantage of using this tool is the fact that it is not integrated with Google AdWords and Analytics.

Ahrefs – is great for keyword research as it will offer you the chance to access profiles for keywords, links as well as rankings with the purpose of improving your content. It is also amazing for backlink analysis. Its price starts at $99 per month for the Lite Plan. A disadvantage of this audit tool is the fact that it does not provide any free searches as a trial.

Woorank – comes with a free trial of 14 days, after which you will need to opt for one of their plans (the most affordable is $49 per month). This is an amazing tool for website analysis as it can show users all of the opportunities that can lead to improvement. It’s also great for tracking down the SEO keywords of your website’s competitors so that you can find a way to integrate them into your own strategy. It’s great for your off-site audit. A disadvantage associated with this tool is that it is not a good option for SEO newbies.

Google’s Webmaster Tools – this is a tool that Google relies on when it comes to communicating with webmasters regarding their web pages. It will help you learn if there are any problems with your website. According to moz.com an important advantage offered by this audit tool is the fact that it will tell you if there are any duplicate titles on your website as well as duplicate meta descriptions. It is best for onsite audit and it’s free of charge. One of the few disadvantages associated with this tool would be that it can take time for data to be updated, even if crawlers are active every single day.

The SEO audit is the most important step in any ranking improvement strategy

seo audit tools

Performing an SEO audit is essential for the future of your business. Without this initial procedure, you would not be able to increase your website’s traffic because no SEO strategy will fit. How can it, when you don’t know what sort of weaknesses need to be eliminated? The truth is that an audit can be quite challenging, not only for newbies, but even for users that have a bit of experience with SEO. That is exactly why it would be recommended that this particular process is left in the hands of experienced SEO agencies just like ours.

A reliable company such as GamitSEO will not only perform the audit, but not begin devising any type of SEO strategy before this stage of the process is completed. We know exactly which aspects associated with your website to analyse, how to find the areas that need improvement and how we can begin taking advantage of any opportunities for your business. The GamitSEO company always performs an audit for clients’ websites before starting an SEO campaign – with no exceptions.

Gamit’s SEO Audit Process

We use all the above tools for these analyses, which results in providing a complex result meant to help your business thrive. The mix of the best tools that can be found on the market for audits will prove to be invaluable when talking about learning the sensitive data associated with your website’s SEO. Our team will offer you this service as part of the package you may choose when deciding to rely on our expertise, at no additional costs.

We provide simple yet efficient white label SEO reports that will help you understand which are the weakness of your website. Identifying the key factors that need to be fixed comes easy to us due to our extensive experience in this field. We have developed customized strategy that helped all our customers rank on the first page of Google for their main website’s keywords. Please check our portfolio section for more details.

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