Gamit’s team and founders

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GAMIT was established by 2 brothers in 2006 in Romania (city of Craiova) as a freelance group on the biggest freelancing site – – please check our profile. With almost 2000 positive reviews received for completing SEO projects, we can say that our services are tailored to meet the most demanding SEO requirements. Our customers have confidence in our SEO knowledge gathered throughout many years of work in the SEO industry.

Meet Gamit founders:

I finished my PhD in 2014 at University of Leeds under the supervision of Dr. Andrew H. Kemp. My main study area was in the Engineering field with an emphasis on routing protocols designed for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). During my PhD study, I proposed a new routing algorithm called “Peripheral Routing Protocol” designed for stringent WSN requirements.

With a deep knowledge of many routing algorithms used in WSN, Google search engine algorithm comes easily to me to understand. With more than 12 years of experience in the SEO industry, I perfected GAMIT SEO techniques to meet all Google guidelines and bring the best results for our customers.

My main role in the company is to research, analyze and test innovative ways on how to help websites get top Google ranks using only white hat SEO techniques. My extensive technical understanding background helps me to achieve this goal. I also discuss projects objectives with our customers and give advice on how to implement the latest SEO techniques. I consider myself being funny, charismatic and smart. However, my friends see me being only serious and smart…maybe the Doctor title that I have is to blame. I love to travel, playing sports and drinking coffee.

I have obtained my Engineering diploma in 2009 and in 2011 I got my master degree in International Economics and Business Administration. My main role in the company is to make extensive research about what on-line companies need in terms of SEO, online presence, marketing and to create the perfect SEO packages to address all these requirements. With my engineering background and international business knowledge, I am responsible to design and present GAMIT products and services. Throughout extensive research and analysis, I can find the perfect approach for every customer to increase and maintain its online presence.

I am also responsible for data analysis of the completed projects to identify the main factors which contribute to the Google ranking improvement process. Together with my brother skills and my detailed analysis, we can assure all our customers that our services are bulletproof and that you will always get the desired results.

I like to think about myself as being an open-minded person with a funny and warm personality. I like to travel, read science-fiction books and playing football and poker with my best friends.

Meet Gamit team:

Loredana, a former teacher, turned to savvy project manager when her studies led to a career change. She had graduated with an MA in management from University of Leeds (UK). She is very organized and much of her organizational skills come from her 4 years spent as project coordinator before discovering digital marketing. She accepted the challenge coming from changing industries and her skills and qualifications found a good home at Gamit. Her work spreads across departments as she collaborates with team members to deliver the best outcome for your project.

Loredana is our project manager. She supervises each step of your project and makes sure everything is kept on schedule. Implementing content ideas, managing processes, editing and all the way to reporting, are all part of her daily activities. She works closely with the writers’ team to provide original and informative content for your project and organizes accounts and results so that you receive detailed reports of our work.

When not in front of the computer, you can find Loredana in front of a book as she says that nothing is more relaxing than a good book and a glass of wine. She also enjoys cooking and tries something new every week but without much success, because cooking is not for everyone.

Gabriela has had a passion for foreign languages, especially English, ever since she was a child. She has graduated from Faculty of Letters and she wanted to be a teacher but life took her on a different path. She became an import-export manager and she has a job that she loves far more than teaching as it allows her to travel, make decisions, meet new people and foster new relationships. She has been writing articles for about ten years and the most wonderful thing about this is that she still loves it. When she writes she forgets about everything else, she leaves her daily concerns behind and for a few hours is just her, the laptop in front of her and the things she writes about.

There is nothing boring about her life because there is always something to do and she is grateful for everything she has accomplished. When she is not writing articles or trying to solve work-related problems she spends time with her family and with her loved ones. She describes herself as a person with no regrets because she never looks to the past and she values every second of her life.

Tiberiu graduated from University of Economical Sciences. He tried a number of jobs before and after graduating in 2007 and one of them was as a freelancer. This was a part time job that he started more than 12 years ago and at that time he did it just to cover one or two bills at best.

He has continued writing articles and these days he has two jobs, part article writer, part manager of a professional cleaning company. He tries to dedicate most of the extra time he can find in his schedule to his wife and amazing daughter. They are the center of his universe and he tries to make the most of every experience they share. Tiberiu loves outdoor activities, board games and every opportunity to learn something new. He tries to follow his passions and to focus on what he can do to become a better man.

After getting a bachelor degree in both Journalism and Marketing, Manuela proceeded to earn her master’s degree in Business Administration, all while working as a writer and marketing specialist. She has been writing English articles for roughly 9 years now, time in which she has worked on countless creative and SEO related projects meant to help promote websites all over the world. Her passion for writing, ability to see a topic from different perspectives and attention to detail have allowed this particular article writer to bring her contribution to the online marketing world.

Other than focusing on articles all day round, Manuela enjoys spending all of her free time – if she has any – cooking, reading books cover to cover and exploring the world with her family. In between, she always finds a way to be up to date with the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, even if that means giving up 1 hour of much needed sleep. She loves writing, which is why creating articles is the perfect fit for her.

Teodora graduated with a Master Degree in Business Economics, but English has always been a passion for her. This is why she pursued it even further and has the Cambridge diploma. She has started her career as an article writer back in 2012. What she enjoys most is doing a lot of research on various subjects, she is creative and has a lot of patience, being able to deliver positive results in her activity.

This job brings her flexibility and the fact that she always learns something new, being updated with what goes around the world. Outside of work, Teodora loves traveling, discovering new places, reading, listening to music and allowing her mind to wander around and come up with life-changing scenarios.

Our SEO vision

The SEO world is rapidly changing and Google is becoming smarter and smarter. This is good for Google users because they can benefit more from good results for their searches. However, for web-masters, having a web-site and keeping it in top search results is becoming a nightmare. The SEO rules are changing fast, from month to month, so more time is needed to be kept up to date with the latest white-hat (clean) SEO techniques. Our SEO team spends hours of work each week to research and document all the SEO news, updates + to make a thorough analysis of our SEO strategies impact. Having an experienced team by your side which invests in SEO research, analysis and which is all the time kept up to date with the latest Google updates is the perfect combination.

Our statement and promise

With us you will be sure that you will benefit from the latest SEO techniques and that you will be kept up to date with all the Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird or other updates. We have concluded that the best marketing strategy is the one we now provide you with. Our confidence is based on extensive analysis on the “likes and dislikes” of search engines. Optimized content SEO strategies is the key to secure, successful search engine promotion. All search engines are built with this basic principle: to promote the information and make it easily accessible to everyone. This is the reason why our SEO services are more valuable than any other strategies on the market: we are adding new valuable Internet content through our optimized, well written articles, press releases, social bookmarking, reviews and blog posts and the search engines love it! Their reaction is in your advantage!

SEO beginners advice

We know that some of you might not be experienced in SEO and that some might not be up to date, but we have made this website rich in information, comprehensive and useful just for you. Please have patience and visit all our pages. Understanding our method better and asking us everything you want to know will prove to be in your advantage. So do enquire, comment or give suggestions, as your feedback is valuable to us and you input will make us better, for you!

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