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GAMIT was established by 2 brothers in 2006 in Romania (city of Craiova) as a freelance group on the biggest freelancing site – – please check our profile. With almost 2000 positive reviews received for completing SEO projects, we can say that our services are tailored to meet the most demanding SEO requirements. Our customers have confidence in our SEO knowledge gathered throughout many years of work in the SEO industry.

My main role in the company is to research, analyze and test innovative ways on how to help websites get top Google ranks using only white hat SEO techniques. My extensive technical understanding background helps me to achieve this goal. I also discuss projects objectives with our customers and give advice on how to implement the latest SEO techniques. I consider myself being funny, charismatic and smart. However, my friends see me being only serious and smart … maybe the Doctor title that I have is to blame. I love to travel, playing sports and drinking coffee.

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I am also responsible for data analysis of the completed projects to identify the main factors which contribute to the Google ranking improvement process. Together with my brother skills and my detailed analysis, we can assure all our customers that our services are bulletproof and that you will always get the desired results.

I like to think about myself as being an open-minded person with a funny and warm personality. I like to travel, read science-fiction books and playing football and poker with my best friends.

She works closely with the writers’ team to provide original and informative content for your project and organizes accounts and results so that you receive detailed reports of our work.

When not in front of the computer, you can find Loredana in front of a book as she says that nothing is more relaxing than a good book and a glass of wine. She also enjoys cooking and tries something new every week but without much success, because cooking is not for everyone.

She has BS in electronics as an engineer in Applied Electronics and Telecommunications and a Master degree in Business Management.

Larisa is very passionate about her work, always calm, diligent and collegial. She is also passionate about movies, especially sci-fi movies so whenever possible she uses her free time enjoying the latest sci-fi TV shows. Family is of utmost importance to her so she values family time spent together with her husband and son above all else.

They are the center of his universe and he tries to make the most of every experience they share. Tiberiu loves outdoor activities, board games and every opportunity to learn something new. He tries to follow his passions and to focus on what he can do to become a better man.

Other than focusing on articles all day round, Manuela enjoys spending all of her free time – if she has any – cooking, reading books cover to cover and exploring the world with her family. In between, she always finds a way to be up to date with the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, even if that means giving up 1 hour of much needed sleep. She loves writing, which is why creating articles is the perfect fit for her.

There is nothing boring about her life because there is always something to do and she is grateful for everything she has accomplished. When she is not writing articles or trying to solve work-related problems she spends time with her family and with her loved ones. She describes herself as a person with no regrets because she never looks to the past and she values every second of her life.

GAMIT’s 2020 SEO strategies focus and what we have learned from 2019

1. Who is GAMIT?

GAMIT is an SEO agency that started in 2006. It has a lot of experience in the field and it evolves continuously to keep up with all the changes that appear in the industry. You can see this from all the reviews that prove that the quality of its works always remained high standard.

GAMIT proves its trustworthiness through the results they published on the site and the 100% money-back guarantees that it has implemented. SEO is a very large and complex field. This makes it very hard to always obtain positive results. The guarantee also proves the confidence that the SEO team has in its abilities.

The prices can also be found on their site and you will be able to see that they are very competitive. They have three main packages but you can have a discussion and if there is a need then a custom strategy and so a custom package can be made.

The services offered by GAMIT include all the parts of your site’s SEO. Although their main focus is on the off-site SEO through guest posting methods. As you find in GAMIT’s offers it will help you understand the situation of your site and explain what are the best ways to improve your ranks.

After a consultation, it will help you select the keywords on which you should focus, analyze your competitor’s sites as well as yours, and optimize the site. This is only the beginning because there are many more things to be done if you want to see good results.

Link building is very important because it mostly decides your site’s authority and the ranks that it will have. There are many methods to build links but most of them either are black hat techniques, meaning short term result-long term disasters or they are very slow and inefficient.

The best method proved over the years is the guest posting method and also exactly the one on which GAMIT focuses. Their strategy evolved to keep up with the uncountable number of updates that Google’s algorithm gets every year. Although there are only some major updates the little ones should not be ignored.

2. Lessons from the past (2019)

The biggest lessons offered by Google’s updates from 2019 were the importance of content and the correct way to choose keywords. Both of them are very important because they are the most influential factors that will decide the results that you will get from any SEO strategy.

Content, that is nicknamed “the king” by the SEO experts, remains the most important factor, actually, its importance grows more and more with every update, because it not will not only influence the rank that you get in SERPs but also the satisfaction of your site’s visitors. The higher the quality of your content the better are the results you will get from SEO strategies and the higher your conversion rates will be.

To be able to create high-quality content you need to be a good copywriter and the keywords you choose are also very important. The way to choose them has changed because google’s algorithm had evolved over the years and it is now able to understand much better the needs of those that use the Search function.

In 2019 through the BERT update, made in the latter part of the year, google’s team has implemented an NPL model in the algorithm. By doing this, they upgraded the algorithm’s ability to understand longer keywords and also massively increased the importance of the functional words like “and”, “or”, “which”, etc.

Now, when you select the keywords you must consider the use of these words. You must be aware that this update does not rule out the keywords without functional words. It merely means that you must compare the potential of the traffic you will be able to obtain using them and by not using them.

Apart from the lessons that google provided through its updates GAMIT’s team had also learned their own lesson through experience. One of the most important lessons was the value of the sites where articles and reviews were posted.

Because GAMIT focuses more on the link building than on other parts of SEO the quality of the host sites is very important. This is the reason that makes the team search and check new sites every day. By doing this GAMIT is able to increase the quality of the links it produces, by posting high-quality content on the sites that proved that they will bring the best results.

Every member of the team improves their abilities and their skills continuously, to keep up with Google’s updates and to continuously increase the quality of the results brought to the clients. With the experience accumulated, GAMIT’s team has formed its own prediction about the direction of the SEO industry.

search engine ranking

3. Predictions of the future (2020)

With all the data accumulated over the years, GAMIT is able to make the conclusion that, the complexity of the SEO will rise, but in certain ways, it will also become simpler. To understand the meaning of this affirmation you should first understand what Google tries to do.

Over the years, the algorithm gets better and better and it tries to make the process of ranking more natural, more human-like. This means that in the future more and more technical SEO methods will become outdated.

Because Google tries to make the algorithm function more and more like a human it will be harder and harder to manipulate the ranks through methods that do not correspond with the algorithm’s goal.

What this means is that the only methods that will remain are the ones that will improve the quality of the results shown in SERPs. This means that it will be much easier to understand how to make SEO but it also means that the competition will grow and to be able to become an SEO expert will be much harder. To put it simply, there will be many more SEO amateurs but it will be much harder to become an SEO expert.

The ways in which SEO can evolve to reach that conclusion are many but what is absolutely sure is that the importance of content will never drop. It is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy, not only because it brings the best results right now, but also because Google’s goal can’t be achieved without giving more and more importance to the content on sites.

This happens because the majority of those that use Search want to find and learn something that they did not know before or they want to remind themselves something they forgot. If Google wants to keep or even increase user satisfaction then it must keep the importance of content because this is the best way to offer the right solution to its users.

Because GAMIT understands this trend, it puts more importance on content and it uses strategies that focus on in. The most used method used by GAMIT is guest posting because it not only brings high-quality links to their clients but the lifespan of the result brought through this method is the highest.

4. GAMIT’s SEO strategies

By using all the lessons learned over the years from experience, GAMIT strategies will always bring the best results to clients. The process through which these strategies are applied can be separated into three stages:

– Diagnostic. The first step that GAMIT makes in any new collaboration is to make a full SEO audit for the clint’s site. By using professional tools all the specs of the find are found out. Based on the result GAmit will be able to find the strong points, weaknesses, and potential that the site has. This audit is absolutely essential in any SEO campaign because without it the team will not be able to figure out what strategies will bring the best results.

– Keywords selection. The second step is the selection of the keywords that will bring the best results for the client’s site. After intensive research, the keywords with the highest potential will be chosen. This process requires the client’s implication to agree with the keywords selected.

– Site optimization. The next step of the process is the optimization of the site. There are two parts to this step. Firstly, the technical part where the site’s loading time, easiness to navigate and other such specs will be improved if necessary. The second part is the optimization of the site for the keywords that had been chosen.

– Link building. GAMIT will take care of this step entierly, from the creation of the content to selecting the best host sites and posting the articles there. Of course, the results will be monitored and the strategies optimized to obtain the best results possible for every client. Every site has different needs that must be taken into consideration.

– Reporting and optimization. The client will get a full report of GAMIT’s work and the results they obtained. Also, if the collaboration continues the focus of the SEO strategy will change towards the parts that brought the most results. By doing this, the results will get better and better over time.

As mentioned above the focus of GAMIT’s strategy is content creation and gues posting. The results brought by these two factors have the highest potential and the relevance of the results obtained will remain for a much longer period in comparison with all other ones.

5. Should you let GAMIT help your site?

The correct question should be if it will be more profitable for you to collaborate with GAMIT or do the SEO of your site yourself? The first factor you should know and consider is that the collaboration’s results are guaranteed. GAMIT guarantees results through its policy. If you will not get the results promised and then all the money will be returned. You can find more about the policy here

So you do not risk anything, so you only need to consider if you are able to get better results by yourself. This depends fully on your skills and the state of your company. If you just started doing business, then you may not obtain a better ROI from the results obtained from the collaboration than by doing this yourself.

This happens because the cost of SEO is quite high and your investigation may not bring you bigger profits in the short term than taking care of it yourself. On the other hand, if your company already has a place secured in the market then a collaboration with GAMIT will help you extend your business and the ROI you will be able to obtain will be much higher than the alternative.

You must understand that the speed with which an SEO agency like GAMIT is able to implement and thus bring significant results from their strategies is much faster than you could by doing this yourself. It will be much more efficient for you to invest the time and effort in the core products and services of your business. In this way, you will obtain a much higher ROI.

Another alternative you could take is to invest in paid traffic like Google Ads. And Facebook Ads. These are also viable methods to grow your business, but you should make sure to understand that even though these paid methods can bring you very fast results, but in the long run their profitability is much lower that SEO.

This happens because the amount of traffic that you gt depends fully on the amount invested. This means that if you stop paying you will not get any traffic anymore. On the other hand, if you stop making SEO, the results you got will maintain for a long period of time.

Also, the prices that GAMIT asks for their services are very accessible, starting from 499$ you will get results for which other SEO agencies ask for thousands of dollars. The results that you will be able to obtain from these investments beat any other alternatives. In the end, you are the one that must make this decision.

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