Advantages That an SEO Reseller Has Over SEO Providers!


1. It Is Much Easier to Start as an SEO Reseller!

There are many reasons for which you could want to start selling SEO services. You may want to expand your online marketing agency, and SEO is the best alternative that you can use. Or you want to start a new agency, and you are the most knowledgeable in the SEO field. But regardless of the reasons, there are only 2 methods that you can use to enter this industry. You can become an SEO provider. Or you can start as an SEO reseller. But nowadays, it is actually a much better alternative to introduce SEO reseller packages on the market.

To understand why and how should you resell SEO packages, you need a comparison between the 2 alternatives. Doing that will showcase the differences between them and how big the advantages of reselling SEO services are. Keep in mind that you can always make a change and switch from a reseller to a provider. But you should only do that in the future after you are sure of the success of your agency in the industry.

Your SEO Reseller Packages Requires Minimal Investment!

The first advantage that you can expect from becoming an SEO reseller comes in the form of very small investments. Compared to creating a new SEO agency or department, the investments are negligible. There are 3 main types of investments that you can compare and see the difference clearly. And all you have to do is to choose the most advantageous alternative.

• A few days vs. a few months. Creating a new SEO agency or department will take you at least a few months. Firstly, you will need to find space for the offices. And secondly, you will need to build a reliable SEO team. But finding professionals in this industry is very hard. Most of them are either working as freelancers or have their own agencies. So, you will need to search from the remaining ones and find even fewer experts remaining. And this can’t be done without a few months of research. But as an SEO reseller, you only need a reliable SEO agency partner. And you can find one in a few days. As you can see, the difference is enormous.

• 0 initial investment vs. an astronomical amount. The second type of investment that you can compare is the amount of money needed to start this project. As a reseller, you will not need any initial investment. In comparison, the amount needed to open a new SEO agency or create a new department in your company is enormous. You will need to buy new space and equipment for your future SEO experts. And this will increase the risks that you will need to take.

• Minimal effort vs. maximum effort. Lastly, you can compare the effort that each of the methods mentioned above requires. A few days of intensive online research and a few calls are enough for you to introduce SEO reseller packages. On the other hand, you will need months of effort to ensure that your company can sell its services properly. Not only will this tire you, but your company’s operations may also be disrupted by the additional effort, and your profits may even drop. It is obvious which alternative requires fewer resources. But this is not the only advantage that you can expect from becoming a reseller.

An SEO Reseller Does Need Many Clients to Make a Profit!