Are incomplete pages healthy for your site?

People want to make the most of the benefits offered by the web. This is one of the reasons why they build sites that will lead to a certain profit in the long term, but first they have to make them as popular as they can be. Speed is of the essence and this is why they try to create the pages for the sites as fast as possible and publish them over the web.

Even if faster is usually better, they have to focus on the repercussions they will have to deal with in the long run. If you build a site so you can turn it into a profit, you will have to go through a long process. First of all, you must have visitors since they are the ones that will generate the profit you seek and this is where the main issue will arise.

How do you generate traffic? How will you be able to attract visitors to your site so you can reap the benefits? One of the first things you need to focus on is the source people turn to for information. Search engines are the tools that make things easier over the web so you must be sure your site will rank better in the results of search engine queries.

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Are incomplete pages healthy

If you decide to rush into things, you have to focus on the impact it will have on your site as far as search engines are concerned. The algorithm used by Google in particular is based on a number of criteria when it ranks websites and one of those criteria is thin content. This is one of the things that will lead to the result you do not want from Google.

If your site does not have too much content on its pages or they do not seem useful for visitors, Google will rank the pages poorly. You may decide to complete the job you set out for in the beginning in time, but Google already has a copy of the initial page on its server. It will take quite a bit of time before it will crawl the page again for a new rank.

If you will modify the content as you go along, if you add more elements or you take out others, if you tend to make changes to the structure of the site often, Google will see you as an undecided editor. This will also lead to a poor rank of your pages and thus your site will not generate the results you had in mind. What should you do about it?

You are not the only person who does that and you should learn more from the experience of others. If you join the topic you will find on the forum of Webmaster World, you will find out what they have been through. It is better to publish a page once you have it in its final form and you will be able to avoid a penalty and damage to your site.

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