Are there SEO techniques for mobiles and tablets?

SEO for tablets and mobiles

These days it is common to see people engrossed in their mobile phones when they are traveling in buses and subways. Mobile internet has arrived and it is here to stay. In the USA alone 25% of all internet traffic came from mobile phones and it is imperative that internet marketers are now taking mobile SEO techniques with utter seriousness. SEO providers like have adapted to this change and they can now provide the best SEO for mobile websites too.

If you try accessing a normal website on your smartphone you will notice two things. The first thing you will notice is that it is difficult for the website to get displayed on the small mobile phone screen. The second thing you will notice is that the website is eating a lot of bytes while it is opening. Mobile internet is still more expensive than standard broadband internet and you don’t at all feel happy when the bytes get chewed up fast. On the other hand you open a mobile optimized website on your mobile phone and the difference will be immediate to see.

SEO techniques for mobiles are simple but they need to be well thought of. First of all SEO technique has to focus on handset-based output. So when someone is looking for a game to download on their mobile phone your website has to realize whether they are using an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S4. Different games are developed for different mobile OS and this has to be realized by your website.

Location-based services are extremely important for mobile SEO. When someone is using the internet on their mobile phone when on the go it is highly likely that they are looking for a local restaurant or some other local place and the website has to offer perfect information to them. With your partner working on your mobile website this is never a challenge.

Content is very important in mobile websites too but the content has to be optimal. You cannot have line after line of text because the user is bound to look somewhere else. The content has to be to the point and presented in an accessible way. It is all about user experience at the end of the day.

User input in search engines when the internet is accessed on a mobile phone is likely to be sketchy and hence search engines have to live with fewer but more precise keywords. Let optimize the keywords for your mobile website and you will see the results on mobile SERP.

Mobile SEO techniques are challenging and exciting at the same time. Remember that your user is not sitting in front of their PC. They have a smaller screen in front of them and your mobile website has to be optimized to give them uniform experience. With handling mobile SEO techniques for your website it will be a great experience for you to see the great results through your mobile optimized website.

With more people now using mobiles for going online it is but obvious that there has to be focus on mobile SEO techniques. Engage with us to know more about mobile SEO and how it works.