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I am the co-founder and managing director of Gamit. My technical background in routing protocols (with a PhD in engineering obtained at the University of Leeds - UK) helps me really understand the SEO strategies which are needed to obtain and maintain a website on the first page of Google for its main keywords. My main role in the company is to research, analyze and test innovative ways on how to help websites get top Google ranks using only white hat SEO techniques. My extensive technical understanding background helps me to achieve this goal. I also discuss projects objectives with our customers and give advice on how to implement the latest SEO techniques. I consider myself being funny, charismatic and smart. However, my friends see me being only serious and smart … maybe the Doctor title that I have is to blame. I love to travel, playing sports and drinking coffee.

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Google has rolled up a major algorithm update from June to July 2019. What are the effects of this?

Let’s begin with a simple, yet obvious conclusion: SEO is difficult. Now, seeing as people rely on search engines such as Google for everything they want to find online, it is in their power to make things easier or harder for every website owner out there. What happened? Well, Google...
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