Black hat SEO techniques that should never be used!


Black hat SEO is nothing new. There are many websites that use black hat SEO techniques for improving their ranks in search engine results pages. These are mostly spam websites that are irritants and nothing more. Thankfully the top search engines can identify these spam websites and block them permanently. Websites using black hat SEO go on a high spiral in SERP and they fall as suddenly as they rise. As far as your website is concerned you need to decide whether you want short term fame or long term. If you are interested in long term fame then you have an able partner in Why would someone want to use black hat SEO techniques? They do so because these techniques show almost instant results. Even when people know that black hat SEO breaks all search engine rules and ethics they use these techniques because they feel they can get away with them. But any sensible webmaster would know that for reputed websites these techniques can never work and hence they rather prefer working with and other similar experts. What are some of the most popular black hat SEO techniques in use? Keyword stuffing is perhaps the most popular mode of black hat SEO. In this technique keywords are stuffed throughout a website. For you and me these keywords are not even visible because they are put inside the meta tags and meta descriptions. And these keywords are even put inside the content but they are rendered invisible to humans but visible to search engine crawlers. Using gateway or doorway pages is another black hat SEO technique. These are pages that are designed with a specific purpose. They are fake pages that are stuffed with keywords and their job is to direct the user to a landing page. These pages are visible to search engines but not to humans because they are automatically targeted to the landing page. When you and I search using specific keywords the search engine crawlers see these gateway pages and show them as search results. But when you click on the link you reach a page that has nothing to do with what you searched for. Link farming is another black hat SEO technique that any reputable SEO provider like would stay miles clear of. Link farming websites are those whose sole purpose of existence is to list links of websites, mostly unrelated. They don’t provide any targeted traffic and if you are listed with these websites you run the risk of being banned by the search engines. It is like paying the price of staying in a bad neighborhood. When you deal with there is no need for you to get into black hat SEO techniques. Experts like have enough white hat SEO tools and techniques to help you with. White hat SEO may be time consuming but it is effective and safe. And when you build a website keeping the future in mind it always makes sense to do something long term, isn’t it? There are many websites that use black hat SEO techniques . You may envy their instant popularity but it always helps in the long run when you use white hat SEO techniques employed by professionals like Gamit .