Blogging – dying art or spectacular success tool?

The web is one of the first sources people use when they want to promote a business since it offers a wide range of options to do that and they can get in touch with clients easier. One of the tools business sites resort to quite often is a blog on their site. This can be a great tool for the success of their company, but it can also drag them to the bottom.

Search engines use much better performing algorithms for their queries than they did ten years ago and they try to find the results that will help users most based on what they are searching for. There are some common principles the site owners use when they want to make their choices, but these do not always apply to the current day searches.

Social media has seen an exponential growth in recent years and most site owners relate to these things to show the success of their blog articles. If they see their blog posts shared over social networks, they think the success of this tool is in the bag. But the real number they should be looking for is how many people were interested in their post.

People write comments

Blogging dying art or spectacular success tool

People who like what they read will take a minute of their time to write a comment about your post. Their opinion is the one you should value, even if it is not the one you hoped for. Use every detail you can get from every comment so you can learn about the things you should do next and what you can use for the success of your web presence.

If you do not have any comments on your blog posts, this means no one is interested in what you have to say and it will not help your site at all. People that share, tweet or like your article do not even read it most of the time and they go with the flow. This does not generate the impact you are looking for and it is a complete waste of your time.

There are some myths you should not consider as most other businesses do when it comes to blogging. Fresh content is very important for a site as long as it is quality content. Quantity does not offer any improvement unless it focuses on quality as well. A blog will not help SEO, as most site owners believe, if it does not help the users that visit it.

There are many other things you have to keep an eye out for when you want to know your blog works and it actually helps your site improve its rankings. The things you have read about here are just an introduction to a much bigger and more elaborate scenario. If you are looking for all the other details you can use and you want to learn how you need to act from this point on as far as your blog is concerned, you should visit the Moz Blog for the best description.

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