Can there be too many comments on a site?

Running a blog is a popular practice for people these days and most of them are made for personal reasons, but there are some that are created to help others. There are many skilled people who want to help users by providing quality information that can be used in turn for the purposes it was meant for and their blogs are very popular over the web.

These are the sources people turn to when they want to learn something new and all the users that want to engage in a discussion on the topic at hand will post comments on the page they are interested in. But can too many comments hurt the blog in question? Are there ways through which too many visits from interested users can hurt your site?

This is one of the topics you will read about at Webmaster World. This is a topic that has started over the fact that a site has been ranking better and better for a period of time and then it suddenly stopped. It may have been a result of many factors, yet the site owner believes that it is due to the more than 400 comments posted on the page in question.

The quality of the comments

Too many comments

Even though you may think that this is not possible, do not dismiss the idea from the start. This happens because you have a number of factors you have to take into account when it comes to search engine optimization and one of them is the loading speed. The more items you have one a single page, the harder it will be for a browser to load it.

Search engines use the loading speed as one of the criteria in order to rank your site and this is one of the issues you have to keep in mind when there are hundreds of posts on the same page. If you also take into account the content of every post that can be even larger than your own article, you will see this is an issue that can influence your rank.

The quality of the comments is also an issue you have to think of. People use such discussions in order to post off topic comments with links back to their sites and these can harm your page rank when it comes to search engines. If you want to know you will not have any issues with it, you have to be sure all the comments will be on topic.

Since you have a number of issues to deal with and all you have heard about is what can go wrong, it is about time you will hear some good news as well. If you want to solve this issue and you want to be sure the link to your site will not have to suffer, you can use a canonical tag and so a search engine will know when the home page is visited.

Some have tried other options such as grouping the comments together and putting them on different pages. If you want to learn more about the success they had, you have to use the link before so you can start the experience.

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