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Product Reviews Update

Google Product Reviews Update – September 20, 2022

This update was expected. There were no surprises when it was implemented because Google announced it approximately two weeks beforehand. It is the fifth update dedicated to product reviews of this year, and it’s part of Google’s plans for the future. This category of updates appeared after the company acknowledged

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September core update

Google Algorithm Core Update – September 12, 2022

Google regularly updates its algorithms. Most of the time, these changes are minimal and not even confirmed.  From time to time, the update is a major one with a vast impact on SERPs. These are generally named core updates. The September 2022 core update is the second one of this

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Helpful Content Update

Google Helpful Content Update – August 25, 2022

This algorithm update was announced a week before implementation, so you should have been prepared for it. You can still make the required changes if your site’s ranks were negatively impacted by it. Contents: 1. Why Did Google Implement This Helpful Content Update? 2. Did This Update Impact Your Website?

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Algorithm Update

Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update – June 23, 2022

Not all Google updates are confirmed. Sometimes, Google would even implement an update that has some not-intended consequences. In general, the minor updates do not cause any fluctuation in SERPs like a core update, but some massive changes happen unexpectedly once in a while. Contents: 1. Massive Fluctuations Have Been

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Core Update

Google Algorithm Core Update – May 25, 2022

Finally, after half a year, a new core update was implemented by Google. Usually, those updates are introduced with a frequency of three to four months. It was unexpected that it took so long for a new one to be implemented this time. Contents: 1. Why Was This Core Update

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Most Efficient SEO Trends

10 Most Efficient SEO Trends To Consider In 2023

Most business owners understand that SEO is important for website ranking success in 2023. However, they may still need to learn about the meaning of search engine optimization trends and why it’s essential to follow them.  SEO represents the process of optimizing a website so it will rank higher in

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SEO Services Australia

Corporate SEO Services Australia that Your Company Surely Needs

Nowadays, if you want a higher success chance in the business world, you need to use the internet. Without online marketing, you won’t be able to win against your competitors that use these methods. Corporate SEO services in Australia are the best options available. You can use global or local

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Best Agency for Your Business

What Makes Gamit the Best SEO USA Agency for Your Business?

Before you start collaborating with an SEO USA agency, learning as much as possible about it is essential. We know how important it is to know your partner. So, we are transparent as possible with our clients.  You can find a lot of information about our company on our website,

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On-Site Proposal of the Free SEO Quote

Why Should You Get the Free SEO Quote We Provide

You will need to find a long-term SEO partner to maximize your SEO benefits. If you change your SEO providers regularly, the chances are pretty hard that you will get unsatisfactory results.  Finding a reliable SEO agency that will satisfy your needs is difficult. There are many options on the

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