Google Algorithm Updates

Product Reviews Update

Google Product Reviews Update – September 20, 2022

This update was expected. There were no surprises when it was implemented because Google announced it approximately two weeks beforehand. It is the fifth update dedicated to product reviews of this year, and it’s part of Google’s plans for the future. This category of updates appeared after the company acknowledged

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September core update

Google Algorithm Core Update – September 12, 2022

Google regularly updates its algorithms. Most of the time, these changes are minimal and not even confirmed.  From time to time, the update is a major one with a vast impact on SERPs. These are generally named core updates. The September 2022 core update is the second one of this

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Helpful Content Update

Google Helpful Content Update – August 25, 2022

This algorithm update was announced a week before implementation, so you should have been prepared for it. You can still make the required changes if your site’s ranks were negatively impacted by it. Contents: 1. Why Did Google Implement This Helpful Content Update? 2. Did This Update Impact Your Website?

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Algorithm Update

Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update – June 23, 2022

Not all Google updates are confirmed. Sometimes, Google would even implement an update that has some not-intended consequences. In general, the minor updates do not cause any fluctuation in SERPs like a core update, but some massive changes happen unexpectedly once in a while. Contents: 1. Massive Fluctuations Have Been

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Core Update

Google Algorithm Core Update – May 25, 2022

Finally, after half a year, a new core update was implemented by Google. Usually, those updates are introduced with a frequency of three to four months. It was unexpected that it took so long for a new one to be implemented this time. Contents: 1. Why Was This Core Update

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Meet BERT! The Latest Google Algorithm Focusing on Relevant Content

  Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Google’s Announced Updates in 2019 3. The Misinterpretations 4. The Effects BERT Left on the SERPs 5. What should you do from now on?   1. Introduction   BERT is the abbreviation of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It started as a Natural Language Processing

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