Different search results in different locations

People use search engines all over the world in order to get the results they need and they use keywords in order to make it happen. These are very similar and you will be amazed by how many people will turn to the same queries in order to find out what they need, but even if two people search for the same things, they will not get the same results.

You may think that it is not fair and most site owners that strive to optimize their sites for search engines are being ripped off by the companies they work with and search engines as well. Even if this is a normal reaction, you have to keep in mind that the results you are going to get are returned based on different criteria other than just keywords.

Your geographical location and the one of the site are also very important. No matter what you may be searching for, you will always need the results that are closest to your location, at least from a search engine’s point of view. As such, it will always try to deliver the results that meet your keywords and are closest to where you are as well.

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Different search results

How would you feel if you live in the US and you were searching for furniture stores and the first results would be from Australia? Would you feel like you have wasted your time? If search engines would only take into account the results of the link building strategy of each site without the geo-location, it will be harder to find what you seek.

This is one of the things site builders have to keep in mind and the people who use their services also. This happens because you may want to rank as best as you can for a certain set of keywords and you may look for the result in the US queries first of all. If you use a SEO expert from India, you have to be sure the result will be the one you seek.

The latest updates in the algorithms used by search engines are also very important since they had an impact on the ranks of the sites as well. This is why you have to do all the modifications necessary in order to be seen properly by search engines so your site will not be included in the results of the queries people make half way around the world.

If you want to be sure you will not have any issues, you have to adjust the settings in the Webmaster Tool so your site will show up in the right queries and you have to know the quality of the backlinks is the one you need as well. There are other users who had to face similar issues and there are some who can provide an answer for this. If want to get a little help in this direction, you should check out the topic you will find on the Webmaster World forum.

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