Do-it yourself SEO vs professional SEO services for improving search engine ranking

SEO tips There are probably millions of searches done every single year on the main search engines – Google, Yahoo or Bing – by people who would buy your products or services. These potential customers won’t even know you exist unless they find you at the top of the search engines. Therefore you can never dismiss some tips for improving search engine ranking for your website. The importance of ranking in the top 10 cannot be underestimated. Some studies have showed that 89.82% of searches click on a listing that is situated in the first page of the search engine results. As a matter of fact, more than 42% actually select the first organic listing. Compare that to owning the number two ranking and receiving about 11.9% of the traffic. Obviously, improving search engine ranking for your website is imperative to online success. The higher your rankings are, the more traffic you will receive. You can properly optimize your site by improving search engine ranking for it either by doing your own SEO or by getting help from a specialized company such as If you are technically inclined and do not wish to hire a SEO company, like, you need to know that there are numerous places on the web to get detailed, in-depth information for improving search engine ranking for your website. Despite lots of hype by SEO consultants, the basics of SEO are actually pretty straightforward. There are a lot of do-it yourself strategies available online for improving search engine ranking. First of all, the most important factor in determining search engine rankings today is the number and quality of other sites that link to your site. Search engines count these links to determine how authoritative your website is, and use the count to assign a ranking relative to other sites in your target market. To boost your site’s rankings, you need websites that are relevant to your topic area to link back to you. You will also need to identify the keywords customers may use to find your website. But how does one know if a key phrase or keyword is searched for in good numbers and therefore warrants an SEO effort? Fortunately there are services such as Wordtracker that can tell anyone the number of searches conducted for any given term. Once the keywords are identified, it is time to find out how your competition fares in the search engines. With some time, basic HTML skills and SEO tutorials available on the Internet, it is possible to optimize your site without having to hire an SEO company. Now, if the field you’re in is very competitive, the level of expertise required to achieve the desired results will call for a professional team, such as SEO companies can constantly monitor the search engine algorithm changes and have the experience to know which steps to take for improving search engine ranking for your website. Because search engines constantly change the algorithms which decide the way sites are ranked, it takes a natural talent and instinct to get a “feel” for what needs to be done to stay on top. Moreover it takes many man hours for the most experienced SEO to accomplish effective optimization. So if you’re getting serious headaches and if you’re spending a lot of your time getting mad trying to find ways of improving search engine ranking for you site, you can simply get in contact with a team of highly-trained professionals, like the one from, sit back, and watch your rating rise. Resource Box: Are you in need of improving search engine ranking for your website? You definitely need the team of professionals from Keywords: improving search engine ranking +