Do You Actually Need Rank Checker Services?


1. Introduction

Reaching the top of the first search engine results page should be the goal of every website owner because this is what will help them reach essential goals such as increased visibility, and more organic visitors that are interested in the products or services presented on the site. Rank checkers are the tools that help optimize SEO efforts to a point where the most important decisions regarding the content of a page is adjusted to meet certain requirements. A Google rank checker is an automated tool that changes the way keywords are analysed. You no longer have to do anything manually – other than picking the right tool, typing the URL of your website and setting up your account (to use the rank checker).

Search engine keyword rankings will provide an overall perspective on the current position of your website, based on a finding answers like: “if the key phrases you chose are the most appropriate to use, if the optimization strategy you adopted for your site performs as it should and”, according to But, the most important piece of information this tool provides is regarding the adjustments you can make to ensure a successful SEO strategy for your website from now on – from the moment you have gained access to the insightful data offered by a rank checker.

2. Does Keyword Ranking Really Matters?

Some say keyword rankings matter, other say they don’t. What is the truth? Does keyword ranking still matter SEO efforts or not? The truth is that there are different opinions from both SEO professionals and SEO agencies. According to, “keyword rankings are an irrelevant metric to gauge online success” and that there are other metrics a website owner should focus on when it comes to implementing an efficient SEO strategy.

At the same time, Rand Fishkin says that “you should probably be rank tracking. I think that if you turn it off and you don’t do it, it’s very hard to get a lot of the value that we need as SEOs, a lot of the intelligence.” It’s critical to understand that a website’s position on SERPs does not only depend on the keywords used within the content, but also on relevancy of the content published as well as the changes that Google and other search engines make to their algorithms.

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3. Why Are Rankings Important for Your Site?

The undeniable reality of it all is that search engine rankings matter more than some might believe. Here are 5 essential arguments that sustain this theory:

1. The primary source of traffic on your website is organic search, which still relies on keywords and more specifically, on long tail keywords. Without focusing on search engine ranking, a website owner will be unable to benefit from the high percentage of visitors that are redirected to a site via search results. As long as the SEO process is optimized, the high rankings obtained on Google and other search engines will work in the brand’s favour.

2. Search engine rankings show just how much a website is trusted by web users. A site that is displayed at the top of the first SERP or at least within the top 3 is definitely a trustworthy and credible website that due to top notch SEO, has been able to provide an amazing, user-friendly experience to visitors. In addition, all the quality backlinks help increase the ranking due to the authority that is perceived in relation to the URL of a site.

3. Local search has been influencing the success of various businesses. With the help of the right keywords and the data behind their rankings, webmasters manage to have a positive influence on local search results. Although Google does not approve of rank checkers and the fact that these tools can have a huge impact on the optimization process, the data presented in the reports provided will help adjust your SEO strategy to deliver the best results for small and medium sized businesses.

4. The search engine ranking of a website and more specifically, of the keywords that have contributed to its top position allow consumers to interact with a brand that will cater to their needs. If done right, SEO can use the insight offered by the rank checker to ensure web users gain access to valuable information that helps the buying cycle. After all, research is a huge part of a consumer’s journey.

5. Staying on top of search engine optimization and rankings will help website owners understand how searches work, how people look for information and how the answers they may be looking for reach the top of the first SERP. Rank checkers play a huge part in this matter.

4. How Does Gamit Helps Their Clients?

Although keyword ranking is not the only factor that matters when it comes to ensuring a website reaches the top of the first search engine results page, performing an analysis while using a ranking tool will provide priceless information. Gamit is your SEO agency that understands exactly how the online environment works, especially when it comes to search queries. Nowadays, being number one on the first SERP is not a business’s only way to gain more traffic. However, getting there proves that a website deserves to be there due to a combination of SEO factors, tools and services that have contributed to this amazing result.

Our company understands that getting more traffic is one of the priorities, alongside conversions. Even more so, converting visitors into clients is an even more desirable outcome that is again achieved with the help of the best SEO strategy. Assessing the current position of a website with the help of a Google rank checker is just the starting point of our approach. We make use of accurate data that helps us understand where you stand, not only when it comes to the ranking of the keywords integrated into your content, but also to the relevancy of the actual content, the authority of your website and many other elements. Gamit relies on a combination of the top rank checkers as a free service provided to clients, to ensure the implementation of our SEO strategy delivers the best possible results.

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