Duplicate content issues with case sensitive URLs

Search engines are the ones that depict the success of a site. This happens because they are they first tools users turn to when they want to find a site and if your rank is among the top, you will surely gain more traffic. If you want to be sure you will stay among the top sites in your field, you have to be sure you will abide by the rules of search engines.

One of the things people are not aware of is the number of things they have to take into account when it comes to the search engine optimization of their site. There are many issues that can hurt you even if you play by the rules and you have to know you will do all the things you can in order to flush them out. But where should you start with this?

Among the first worries you should have on your mind is the duplicate content. This is one of the first things that can hurt your site since most owners try to boost their rank with pointless content with little to no weight. Even if you have a lot of words written for your site, this does not mean search engines will see it better when it is pointless.

Avoid publishing duplicate content

Duplicate content issues with case sensitive URLs

If you take this into account and you avoid publishing duplicate content, you may think you should no longer worry about this. Even though it is true, there is one other aspect you will have to take into account. Your site is built out of a number of pages and each page has a certain URL that leads to it. This is one of the things you should look into.

Duplicate URLs are very easy to miss and they can hurt a site more than you can imagine. Even if you post content of good value on each page and it should weigh quite a bit in the eyes of search engines, they will see it as duplicate content and the page rank can drop. This happens if the URLs are case sensitive are one of the letters is capitalized.

On top of that, the traffic on one page with be cut in half if users will visit the other page as well and you will not reach the rank you deserve because of it. Among the first options you should try is to rewrite the URLs of each page on your site, add an attribute that will point to themselves and recreate your site map to ensure everything is done.

This is going to offer an answer to the issues you have to face, but it is not the only option you can go for. There are many other users that have to deal with this as well and they use the web in order to find an answer. If you want to look at other solutions for this as well, you can check out the topic you can find on the forum of Webmaster World.

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