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The Internet is a goldmine of human and informational resources. It is an easy to use portal towards buying consumer goods and services without hassle and implied time wastage which real-life activities (travelling to the stores or organizing interviews) result in. While websites such as Ebay or Amazon have changed the face of shopping forever, when it comes to online employment, is the website which is becoming synonymous to trouble-free, affordable service outsourcing. This is not just a personal opinion as one of its subscribed users, but an outstanding fact. Advertising “the blue bird” website (its logo) is not necessary when statistics speak so well instead. The impressive numbers put forward by indicate how easy it is to hire someone fitting your exact needs. The website now has 3,606,224 active freelancers and 1,667,313 posted projects and its international business is coming together through people from 234 countries. Nothing short of dazzling! The well-known outsourcing marketplace entitled (previously known as started out in 2004 and has grown over time to become widely known for connecting thousands of clients and providers for secure, efficient and, most importantly, reasonably priced services. More than 400 project categories made available on the website allow clients to outsource anything they want while keeping expenses down to a minimum. From web design, software development, content writing, search engine optimization and internet marketing to engineering and even accounting – there is nothing anyone may wish to outsource and not find a suitable freelance provider for on this website. With such an appealing environment no wonder its online popularity keeps increasing day by day! 1.1  A great place for cost optimal employment Employers seeking specific qualifications and goals can post projects with certain budget requirements and select contractors based on price and rating. Aside from the possibility to analyze the quota, the contractor’s selection process is facilitated by being able to compare bidders’ skills not only from personal statements and portfolios but also from what previous customers testify about their freelancing performances. Attractive prices are the main aspect recommending as one of the most important outsourcing websites the Internet has to offer today. The average price for a job is 200$ ensuring the best services for the least amount of spendable money. Price is relevant when choosing a freelancer to collaborate with. The costs and quality of the work are also significant for the number of jobs a provider is awarded. The permanent competition between providers translates into less money being asked for by those who want to take on more work. Supporting users to collaborate in an organized manner and providing secure transactions, the website facilitates a transparent and correct partnership through the employment of the message board, instead of unverifiable emails. The board is used to keep track of all the information exchanged between two parties. This comes in very useful when discussions are long and some parts of the conversations are unavoidably forgotten. Both the contractor and buyer may need to go over the established facts of a project at a certain moment in time, to avoid confusion and mistakes. Another feature enabled by this huge outsourcing company is the possibility to plan, set out job milestones and organize the project in such a manner that the payment is not released without the employer’s approval. The outsourcing individuals are favored and their contracting rights are protected though the option to refuse payment when they are not satisfied with the results. 1.2  The perfect online office for freelance providers Hearing such a great deal of good things about an outsourcing website can be intimidating. New freelancers may feel that they are too small to fit in on such a huge market, but the truth is everyone has a chance. Some outsourcing companies may be on the lookout for very experienced professionals, but others would give more chances to young providers, just starting out. Cost is the bottom line. Less experience means smaller prices and proving your value is not difficult, even without reviews and testimonials. A good portfolio, interview availability and willingness to work can bring any provider a job opportunity. While online career prospects may often arise online, not all offer good operational conditions. An online marketplace where one buys and sells services is most of the time an open office which requires certain advantages for each individual. Freelancers need to benefit from a working environment which facilitates communication, secures transactions and helps them obtain a constant income for their good value services. Working from home is usually a choice which intends to bypass the conventional labor system, for example going to work from Monday till Friday, everyday from 9 to 5, in a typical office and doing the same thing over and over again. However, with all the flexibility a freelancer is capable of, if one is not to compromise the quality of the provided work, there are certain desirable requirements to be aimed for in a valuable outsourcing website. has proficiently considered these requirements and strived to accommodate them to the benefit of its many freelance providers. 2.      GAMIT – the No. 1 SEO provider on As one of its many users, GAMIT has been a freelance provider for for more than 6 years and we believe that our freelancing group can be a source of inspiration for anybody interested in being an independent, professional online service provider. Our team’s story constitutes the living proof that is an attractive place to outsource SEO projects. The first steps ever taken by GAMIT were as Internet marketing novices with a lot of enthusiasm and high hopes to “go big” later on in life. GAMIT was initially a group of just three ambitious Romanian students (two boys and a girl) who wanted to have their own business and be financially independent. It all began with a tryout of our capability to listen and of the perseverance to carry out the given SEO and link building tasks of any employer willing to give us a chance to work. The fact that was a stable growing website with a promising online activity encouraged us to start out and offer small business SEO services on this particular website first. Our interest and eagerness were soon rewarded. While our first projects cost nearly nothing, they were not worthy of the name “cheap SEO services”.  We put a lot of effort into our work. We wanted to be noticed and appreciated for the constant struggle to satisfy those risk taking clients who were not worried by inexperienced SEO providers like us. In all honesty we were never irresponsible with our work, so we never put any of our clients’ websites in danger of search engine penalizations. We researched, did our homework and always consulted with the client before taking any action. Our strong principles have constantly kept us standing straight. For professional work we knew that the rules of quality work should come first at all times. From this perspective things have remained the same up to this day, but only from this point of view. In time, GAMIT grew in experience and in numbers. We are the true proof that any freelancer can “go from zero to hero”, IF one is interested in proper quality work and has an honest professional conduct. The GAMIT group has now more than 40 members, managed and directed by the same 3 people who started the work as students. Today the situation has changed in many ways: the former students are now Computer Engineers and their business has grown so much that they were able to outsource SEO solutions over the years for more than 1000 projects solely on They have become the No. 1 SEO providers on the website which hosted them when they were just keen beginners with no real experience: Our present freelancing success is strongly related with this amazing outsourcing website which made it possible. It is not just pride accompanying us in our initiative to describe our freelancing venture, but also gratitude for a well developed, ever developing web resource which made it possible for us to be hired the very first time we started out as online SEO providers. 3.      Best 5 Reasons why to outsource your projects to a freelancer provider By using our personal experience as an example, we can advise outsourcing reluctant buyers to economize by joining us on! The competition between freelancing providers on this top outsourcing website will always keep prices in your advantage. In addition, we can write down at least 5 reasons to outsource your projects on our recommended website:
  1. Capable, highly skilled independent contractors. If there is one important aspect an employer is looking for, that is quality valuable freelance work. Nobody wants to pay for poor services, no matter how cheap the costs are. has these important human resources available and enhances its users’ experience through the established review system made available for clients. The rating information supplied by previous clients reflects the buyer-seller relationship and is relevant in evaluating good quality work in a more objective manner. Reviews often mirror the freelancers’ communication skills, the ability to respond in a timely manner or to keep an engagement and they should be an important factor in making employment decisions.
  2. Affordable services at reasonable costs – not “cheap” labor! Self-employment trends are advantageous price-wise. Choosing to outsource services to independent, home-located individuals concerned with providing professional services is indisputably a wise choice. Because freelancers are not committed to companies which usually resell their services, they can afford to minimize their costs and everything translates into a reduction of price for outsourcing individuals. This does not denote providers are not skilled or hard working. It just means they are not looking to take the skin of the client’s back.
  3. Increased marketplace popularity represents variety of choice. If understandable financial advantages implied by highly competitive working environments are not enough to convince you, then having a wide range of choice when it comes to freelancer selection should be enough to stimulate service buyers to go for a well-liked freelancing website. Think about it: if you are looking for providers natively speaking a certain language, where would you most expect to find what you are looking for if not in a place with ethnical diversity? Or if you want to find a provider with a particular set of skills and experience, would you not want to benefit from options?
  4. Financial Safety through the Escrow Payment System. While you can opt for a direct transfer, or an upfront payment, the most secure method (recommended by the website itself) is to opt for “upon completion” compensation, when one confirms his approval with the delivered services. Payment flexibility is another financial advantage. If the projects are divided into milestones, then consequently remuneration can be made accordingly, perhaps matching various time divisions. One can opt either for a project-based compensation or for hour, day, week or month – based payments accommodating the needs of either the buyer or the seller.
  5. Ease of access. Without any further arguments, it is clearly more advantageous to employ someone online, without having to organize a real life interview because everything is just a click away. It is not just about the freelancer’s work at home comfort, but also about the buyer’s who is also in a similar situation. Everything is faster if done online, even communication.
In conclusion, is the best choice when it comes to outsourcing any type of work because it facilitates online operations and can save buyers time and money. For GAMIT, an experienced Link Building Group founded on this website, has been of tremendous aid through the outsourced SEO projects posted there. You can also choose to place your order directly through our site for our one time link building packages, link building packages to recover after the Google Penguin Update  or monthly SEO contracts! Keywords:, seo outsource, seo outsourcing, outsource seo projects, link building outsource, seo freelancers, outsourcing seo services, seo outsourcing services, outsource seo services, seo services provider, top seo services, seo consulting services