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The web is the first environment businesses turn to for promotion or for new found success. A web presence is going to help you reach out to a much wider audience and it will offer new possibilities to grow. But if you want to see the results you are aiming for, you have to make sure your websites are properly optimized to be used by search engines.

Users from all over the world turn to search engines to find the information they are looking for. Search engines use algorithms based on specific criteria to determine the rank of a website. If your web presence met the demands better than the sites of the competition, your rank would have been better. This is why you had to optimize it properly.

Google is one of the first names users think of when it comes to the web. It is simple to use, but it relies on a very complex and constantly changing algorithm to meet the demands of its users. Among the updates you may have seen over the years we can name: Panda in 2011, Penguin in 2012 and Hummingbird in 2013

Focus on mobile devices for most of the online activity

A solution for new algorithms

But are these all of them? Each of these updates has been modified over the years to keep up the pace with the needs of the users, but a new major change is ready to be launched. The current trend of users is to focus on mobile devices for most of the online activity and Google has developed an update to determine the rank of website based on how mobile friendly it is.

Over the years site owners have turned to different companies to become more popular online. Google uses many signals to determine the rank of a website and link building is one of the best options to increase the popularity of a web presence. Even if there are other options for this, link building is the method that transcends new algorithms.

The new update from Google focuses on mobile friendly sites. They are the ones that will rank better and there are a few different options you can use for this. There is and advantage about this update when compared to the rest. This is going to analyze every page and it will run in real time. Even if you will optimize your site, you will still have to make sure it will be crawled and indexed on a regular basis.

If you will use link building to increase your popularity over the web, the bots from Google will reach you faster and they will notice the efforts you have put in for SEO. This is going to boost your rank and attract new users. GAMIT is a company that offers link building solutions for you and many other users. Since this is the best method used to improve the popularity of your site, it has transcended all the updates Google has made over the years and it is going to help you even after the new update will be released.

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