• We use the same methods for all our customers as we use for our own website.
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  SEO More FACTS that motivate choosing our SEO – Link Building Strategies:
  1. Over 90% of our Social Bookmarking Sites have PR from 2 to 8
  2. Over 80% of our Press Release and Article Sites have PR from 1 to 7
  3. All the one way theme links (inbound links) that we make are Permanent Links.
  4. We can also link back to the inner pages of your website, and not only to the main page.
Not many providers can offer this. Linking to inner pages is very appreciated by all search engines.
  1. We use TOP SITES, the best on the market, to publish our optimized articles, press releases and social bookmarking reviews (over 100 of them have PR 2 to 6)
  2. All the articles, press releases and social bookmarking reviews are submitted by hand. No automated software is involved, so the search engines ‘see’ these one way links appearing normally.
  3. The traffic will come from search engines, not directly from the articles, because your site will rise in ranking in search engines on the keywords on which the articles are optimized.
  4. We write Original Articles, Press Releases and Social Bookmarking Reviews, 100% Copy Scape tested which you can verify yourself before starting the publishing process. The writers visit your site and make a research on the topic on which the articles will be written. Each article and press release contains 2 anchor links to your site and is optimized on 2 main keywords + secondary ones.
  5. The links come only from static pages, no dynamic ULRs, no FFA, no Link Farms…, only 100% White Hat Seo
  6. From our experience with over 1000 SEO projects, we’ve learned that each article must be published on a maximum of 50 different C Classes IP sites (in order to avoid making Spam and get your site penalized). Also, we know exactly how to write the articles and publish them so we can improve your rankings.
  7. Your links will not appear all at once. The links are placed on theme pages (the articles’ pages) and the indexing process of all the articles (all the links) can take up to a couple of weeks (depends on the offer you choose for your site — can take 1-2 months for the biggest offers).
  8. At first the articles don’t have PR because they are new pages created just for one specific link and article. After Google indexes the articles, they receive a PR and then your links become more valuable. One way theme links which come from articles with PR are very powerful when it comes to ranking improvement.
  9. With this method you will receive only real theme traffic. We will use our authors’ names for publishing the articles. They’ve written and published thousands of good articles. Therefore the search engines will index the articles quickly and efficiently.
We are Different!
  1. Our articles submissions are not made using automated software. We publish the articles 100% by hand. Google will penalize your site if you are using automated software to publish your articles and, because of this, we offer only manual article submissions.
  2. We do not write few articles for hundreds of links; we are publishing each article only on a maximum number of 60 sites. In this way any penalization is avoided.
  3. We do not rewrite or make changes to already existing articles; we write 100% original articles by making a solid research on your site topic.At the moment we are offering only one way theme links made with the help of articles because with this strategy we’ve obtained good results for our previous clients. Until the results made with our strategy will not be satisfactory for us, and therefore for our clients, we will use the same link building technique. Each article will have between 500-700 words and it will be written in a professional manner. You will check the articles before starting the publishing process.
Working with GAMIT to improve your search engine rankings is a wise choice. It is a secure, smart way to improve your rankings and the way your website is viewed by search engines. With us, your website will benefit from a positive change from the usual SEO provider which does things without thinking them through. We have put You first always! and we are still doing so. Go for quality link building services!

We can assure you that these one way links made with our help are the best one way links on the market and that they will help your site for sure. We hope that you will have the results that are presented here and our past clients have for there sites from the one way theme links made with our help