Gamit’s Guide to White Label SEO


1. Introduction

White label SEO is a practice that allows all sorts of online services providers, including marketing agencies to outsource their need for SEO, while being able to claim these services as being part of the packages they offer to their clients. According to, “the company is hired to write, create, and optimize under either your name, or your client’s name”. This term has been used for many years in a variety of situations, regardless if we are talking about a product that has been manufactured by a company and branded to look as if it was provided by another or a service that goes through a similar process.

Among the business sectors in which these white label SEO services can be found, you will find companies that provide web design, graphic design, link building, onsite content creation for blogs or web pages and so on. When talking about this approach strictly from an SEO point of view, the situation is simple: digital agencies provide a variety of services, but might not specialize in search engine optimization. The problem with not providing a complete package of services is that the modern consumer is looking for just that. If an agency does not comply, it will be replaced with another that does. This is the harsh reality of the modern world.

2. What Are the SEO Services That Can be White Labelled?

Due to the way clients prefer their collaborations, the most successful approach for a digital company is the one of a one-stop shop. But, the importance of white label SEO can be explained easily: even though some clients might be happy with just the services that a company is offering them, some prefer the full package. Seeing as it is never a good idea to turn down a client, outsourcing your needs is a great approach because, according to, it will “provide additional value when you are using a partner’s expertise for one of your primary services”.

Here is a list of the SEO services that can be white label as long as they are provided by a serious and professional SEO agency:

main advantages when outsourcing

SEO audit – according to, “an on-page SEO audit will analyse your client’s entire website and its ability to rank highly in Google results”. No matter how you look at it, without a proper audit, an efficient SEO strategy can’t be implemented. The main benefit of having this audit performed by an entire team of experts is that the website will be analysed from two different points of view: user experience as well as technical SEO. The pages that have SEO issues will be found and said issues will be mentioned into a detailed report. The same experts will include suggestions on how to fix them.

Keyword research – not knowing whether you are using the right keywords to optimize a website is definitely a problem, especially in the SEO world. This process should be performed by a team of experienced specialists that can pick the best keywords for improving the visibility of a website in Google search results. This can only be done if the keywords are chosen based on a few factors. Although there are various tools that can do it for your own agency, relying on a team for this service will deliver a more custom level of service.

Link building – despite the fact that a website can rank high in search engine results even without the help of link building services, this goal will require significant effort. It would be more efficient to offer you client the option to benefit from such services, while allowing the white label provider to start building the reputation of your client’s website. This can be done by building unique, quality links that are also diverse. This is the only way that a site can benefit from a high domain authority as well as trust and citation flow. In this case, it is essential to ask the provider whether it also relies on black hat SEO tactics. If they do, look for someone who doesn’t.

Rank tracking reports – it is essential to track keywords and their ranking to ensure that the SEO strategy that was implemented by the white label services provider is efficient. If the results are not satisfactory, the provider will have to adjust the strategy. The best approach in this case would be to have the team send you regular rank tracking reports that offer you all of the information you require regarding the keywords used for your client. Beside these reports, you should consider using your own keyword tracker just to be sure everything is in order.

SEO analysis and reports – these reports are necessary for clients that are not experienced when it comes to SEO. With the help of detailed and easy to understand reports provided by the SEO reseller, you can make sure that your client will be able to get a clear view of your agency’s SEO efforts associated with their website. The reports should present certain KPIs as well as provide an analysis, if you are looking to offer a complete package. This is how you tell your clients about the website’s performance in a given time frame, while also offering suggestions on how its strategy can be improved.

3. How Can Gamit Help Your Agency?

Finding a reliable partner that can offer you the best white label SEO services can be a challenge, especially when it comes to ensuring that they provide all of the services mentioned above and more, while focusing on quality results. Gamit can help your agency overcome the gap between the services you are offering and your clients’ need of SEO. Among the services our company can offer you, we can mention an initial ranking analysis, backlink evaluation, content originality assessment, a keyword suggestion report and many more.

Our team understands that when it comes to offering SEO services to your clients, your reputation is at stake, which is why quality, professionalism, attention to detail and our personalized approach make Gamit the perfect choice as a reliable SEO partner for your digital agency.

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