Good practices keep the Google Penguin update away from your website

Google has been continuously trying to improve the quality of online search. This is required because the number of internet users is on a constant rise as more and more people from the developing world are now getting access to the WWW. Through its regular updates, the Google Penguin update for example, Google is trying to offer people exact search results, i.e. one should get what they ask for from Google.

The Google Penguin update was first released on April 24 2012 and it completely changed the face of SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of tools through which the PageRank score of a website is improved. A high PageRank score s important for any website because this is the way a website gets displayed on top of search results and enjoys more clicks than the other websites. Google has since come up with further updates to the original update and October 2013 saw Penguin 5 (or Penguin 2.1 as some call it) being released. While SEO does bring in great results the only issue with it is that it can take time to show results.

Even the most well known and successful SEO companies cannot offer a definite time as to when their SEO strategies will bring in results. Those that can are the ones to avoid because it’s only blackhat SEO that can bring in fast SEO results. What the Google Penguin update has done is targeted many SEO practices. There are SEO techniques that cannot be labeled as blackhat SEO but they are still about cutting corners for quick gain. And this is precisely what the Google Webmaster Guidelines are against.

Buying links from unrelated websites

Google Penguin update

Link farming; buying links from unrelated websites and not adding “nofollow” to these links; using exact keyword matches in link anchor texts and using links in blog comments and guest blogs are only some of the SEO techniques that have come under the radar of the latest Google Penguin update. What Google wants are ethical SEO practices.

This would include working on the content to make it updated and fresh and marketing it through proper channels to generate links. This would include social media marketing through Facebook and Twitter. Once someone is able to create brand awareness on these social media websites and have people liking Facebook pages and retweeting tweets natural backlinks are automatically created.

Proper marketing includes using various formats like infographics, videos and PPT slides and uploading them in websites like YouTube and SlideShare and so on. Proper marketing also includes article and blog marketing where information instead of sales pitch is shared. Without worrying about fast backlinking from outside one can generate backlinks by optimizing their website structure and interlinking the web pages.

A landing page for links is a perfect example of offering what the visitor exactly wants. All these are good SEO practices and an ethical SEO company like Gamit can always help in this type of SEO strategy. One will not need to worry about the negative implications of the Google Penguin update. Try our SEO services: One Time Link Building; Monthly SEO contracts; Panda and Penguin ranks recovery; Keywords Rank Maintenance. Contact us for any SEO questions!

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