Google has rolled up a major algorithm update from June to July 2019. What are the effects of this?

Google Algorithm Update

Let’s begin with a simple, yet obvious conclusion: SEO is difficult. Now, seeing as people rely on search engines such as Google for everything they want to find online, it is in their power to make things easier or harder for every website owner out there. What happened? Well, Google released two pre-announced, seemingly unrelated alghorithm updates at the beginning of June that affected SERP rankings.

The Google Broad Core algorithm update is pretty unnerving and disappointing for webmasters because Google has not said anything specific about what it includes or exactly what it targets. It is pressumed that websites are rated based on a few hundred different factors, depending on where you read about the search engine’s algorithms and how they work. Seeing as they have not said anything particular about the broad core algorithm and for some, the effects have not begun showing, it is pretty hard to learn what makes your website rank higher or lower. Fortunately, you can count on our experienced SEO team to run an analysis and see which areas need to be improved for better results.

The Google Diversity update has been rolled out almost at the same time with the first one and its main purpose is, you guessed it – to increase the level of diversity when it comes to the listings that are featured at the top of their SERPs. Simply put, Google does not want to allow more than two URLs from the same domain to be featured at the top. Of course, according to MOZ.COM, there are exceptions to the rule, mostly because the organic results we see on SERPs are a combination of results: some are informational, some commercial.

Here’s what we should expect now: to have more room when it comes to ranking at the top even if your website is competiting with giants from the same industry. At the same time, if you specialize in video content, the changes will most likely benefit its ranking. If nothing else works, you can also opt for some paid ads. But, the option that will offer you just the results you were expecting involves relying on an SEO company just like ours. These challenges are what our experts live for.

There is nothing worse than going to sleep having your website rank at the top today and wake up tomorrow without being able to find it on the first SERP. Well, even though the results of this Google update may not be that dramatic for most websites, it can surely affect how many listings will be featured at the top or even if there are any available there, without you needing to invest in paid ads.

The smartest decision you could make for your business would be to contact a professional SEO agency just like ours, that could evaluate the status of your website and work together on future SEO strategies. The Gamit team is well acquainted with changes in algorithms and able to provide accurate solutions in line with the latest guidelines from Google.