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Organic traffic is the dream of every website owner but you might ask yourself how to go about getting organic traffic. The smartest approach is to to get your site to the first page of Google searches because this will also improve your visibility and business awareness. Most online users, over 75% of them actually, never end up on the second page of Google so reaching the first page is crucial.

Search engine ranking shows if your site is displayed in TOP 10 online searches on specific key terms or keywords and choosing the right keywords will determine how fast you see results. This is why thorough research on most relevant keyphrases is essential before starting an SEO campaign for your site.

Also essential, is to monitor how these keyphrases perform in search engines. How to do this? It is simple, you need to track the ranking using a google keyword rank checker. There are many options online so you should check carefully before choosing the right search engine ranking tool.

Why should you check search engine ranking?

  • No. 1 – Because it shows how your site performs in search engines. If the results follow a rising trajectory then you are on the right track. If you see downfalls, then it is time to change the strategy.
  • No. 2 – Because it shows if you have chosen the right keywords. If you have chosen relevant keywords that interact well with your target audience it will boost your site to the first page of Google. If you can’t see the results, then the keywords chosen are not appropriate and should be changed.

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Either way, monitoring results with a search engine rank tracker will provide valuable information regarding the course of the SEO campaign.

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