Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm and many have been taken by surprise

As Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm there was not much fanfare involved. Google started using the update starting August 30 this year and the official launch date was September 27, 2013. The result of this is that those webmasters and SEO companies that didn’t keep themselves updated on the happenings in Google were suddenly seen running for cover.

One really doesn’t need to run for cover as Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm. While the impact of the Hummingbird algorithm is massive (affecting 90% of online searches) it doesn’t penalize websites as severely as Penguin. Google has played its cards cleverly here.

On one hand it removed keyword analysis from Analytics and on the other hand it started searching differently without letting anyone know. So what has changed as Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm? What has changed is that websites that were more focused on keyword optimization and link building have had to change their strategy.

Hummingbird algorithm is designed to track content

Update its search engine to the Hummingbird

Since the Hummingbird algorithm is designed to track content, webmasters and SEO companies have had to sit with pen and paper to ensure that they create the best content for their webistes and market them intelligently and ethically. Apple and Google are the fiercest of competitors and Apple has already managed semantic search. How can Google stay behind?

As Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm semantic search has become a reality now. Google now doesn’t look at the literal meanings of keywords but the actual meaning. It wants to think like its users and offer them search results accordingly. And for this Google is using its Knowledge Graph to profile its users and offer results based on their past behaviors and preferences.

This is what Hummingbird is all about. How does content play a role here? As Google goes deep into websites it looks at content that matches what its users are thinking. This means thinking like humans and this is what this update is all about. Google wants to search intelligently and look at websites with great content, high author rank and low bounce rates.

And this content is going to generate those backlinks for these websites. To ensure that Hummingbird finds your website content interesting and apt you need to keep it updated and relevant all the time. And you need to work on the content of your entire website and not just the homepage. The content also needs to be marketed properly.

Apart from tweets and Facebook shares it’s also required that you use videos, images and infographics to spread your content over the internet. Connecting with highly ranked authors and creating your author profile on the web is also important. All this will add up to high PageRank score for your website. With Gamit all this comes easy and affordable. Gamit was prepared when Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm and it didn’t have to scurry back to the drawing board. This is proof enough to work with this company. Try our SEO services: One Time Link Building; Monthly SEO contracts; Panda and Penguin ranks recovery; Keywords Rank Maintenance. Contact us for any SEO questions!

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