Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm and this means content, content and content

shutterstock_117936991Google has always maintained that those websites are the best that offer the best content to the online users. This is why you have websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Wikipedia that attract billions of visitors. Baidu is primarily used in China but it is the fifth most popular website in the world. And all this happens because these websites offer what people want from them. As Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm the focus on content has become all the more important because Google has made a sea change in the way it searches. As Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm it now wants to put itself in its user’s shoes and display search results. This means moving away from the exact words in keywords and instead moving into what a keyword phrase means. So, for someone searching for a movie theater in their city it’s not about showing them all the movie theaters in their city but showing them those that are closest to where they are. It could also be about finding out what movies they love to watch and show those movie theaters where similar genres of movies are playing. Sounds a bit over the top, doesn’t it? Are we entering into the machine age finally when the machines now start behaving like humans? I wouldn’t go that far. As Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm the focus is now on intelligent search. Everyone on the internet leaves some footprints and Google finds out these footprints to create a profile of its users and offer them what they want. The Knowledge Graph tool of Google is used for this purpose. This is what is being done with the Google Hummingbird algorithm. Needless to say, those websites with the best content stand to gain here because keywords have now taken a backseat. Google will now go deep into websites and their pages and check whether they can offer what the person in front of the computer screen wants. This is also a move by Google to think along the lines of the internet users. More people are now using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for online search and the way they enter keywords in these devices are different from what they do in laptops and desktops. Then there is voice search where one says what they want and Google needs to give them what they want. Apple has managed this with Siri and Google can obviously not stay far behind. To summarize here – content is going to have the biggest impact as Google update its search engine to the Hummingbird algorithm. SEO companies that were till now more into keywords and links are back to content. Gamit has always been into content development and marketing and this new update really hasn’t changed much for it. It continues to create great content and market it intelligently for its client websites to make the most from this new update. Try our SEO services: One Time Link Building; Monthly SEO contracts; Panda and Penguin ranks recovery; Keywords Rank Maintenance. Contact us for any SEO questions!