Google updates and their effects on sites

Google is the most popular search engine people use when they turn to the web in order to find details. This happens due to many reasons, but we are not here to talk about why it is better than the rest. Given its popularity, Google also strives to keep ahead of the other search engines by creating new and better ways to rank sites over the web.

The results people expect from a search engine have to be related to the keywords they use in the search, but there were many times when this did not happen. As a result, Google has made it its goal to improve the results shown to the user by improving the algorithm used to create that list. There have been a number of changes made for this task.

One of the first recent updates was named Panda. This was meant to improve the results by lowering the page ranks of low end sites that did not provide quality content for the user and improving the ranks of the sites that were useful. This led to an impressive drop for the sites that were full of advertisements and it made results more user-oriented.

Google Penguin was the next notable update

Google updates and their effects

Google Penguin was the next notable update of the algorithm used for page ranking. There are quite a few different options site owners use in order to improve their page ranks in Google, yet not all of them are ethical. This is the update that is meant to flush out all the sites that do not do their best to climb up the ranks by ethical means only.

The last update Google has made is just a few months old and it is meant to make the search engine interact a lot better with the users. The queries are now a lot easier to understand by the algorithm used by Google and people will have a much easier time over the web thanks to this. It was released in order to celebrate their 15th birthday as well.

There have been quite a few other updates over the years, yet not all of them were so drastic. Each new addition to the algorithm is meant to change a few things and it will impact all the sites published over the web. If you are a site owner and you want to improve your rank or make sure it stays that way, you must know how it has impacted you.

There are a lot of tools you can use in order to learn what you want about these things and there are many other users that might show you a better way to do things. All you have to do is invest the time in research and keep ahead of the game at all times. First of all, you have to learn how to make the SEO process easier and successful, but if you want to learn out of the mistakes others have made, you can read a few stories from users on the Webmaster World forum.

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