Google Updates or Payment Enforcing?

When people think about the web and the best tool they can use here, Google is the first name that pops into their minds for both users and site owners as well. This happens because it is a very easy to use tool for users who want to find answers, but it is one of the best ways for owners to make the site popular and attract more users with their rank.

One of the first things you have to know about Google is that it uses a complex algorithm to determine the results of a query and this is in a constant change. The goal of the tech team is to create a much better and more useful list of results for the users so they will find out more relevant information in the links instead of wasting time on other sites.

This algorithm has been updated quite a few times in recent years starting with the Panda in 2011, Penguin in 2012 and Hummingbird in 2013. Since then there have been a few other major additions to these updates and one of the most significant was in May 2014, the Panda 4.0. But were these updates the only ones made to their algorithm?

The algorithm is updated more than 500 times a year

There are people who say that the algorithm is updated more than 500 times a year and this means on average it is updated more often than once a day. One of the suspicions was that the last update that took place was on July 5th 2014. There is one topic you can read about more if you will take the time to visit the forum at Webmaster World.

There was one site owner that was not aware of what happened since he has been operating two commercial sites for the past five years and on this date the usual traffic he got went down. Two other major search engines did not show any signs of drops in ranks, but Google was the one that knocked the site from the first results to the end of the list.

google penalties

Is this claim legit? Is the site owner being hit for the right reasons or is Google trying to force hard working people to buy advertising from them? It seems like many others are under the impression that Google is trying to knock off site owners who depend on the free traffic they get from their position in the list so they will be forced to pay for ads.

There are more users who feel the same way, yet you have to dig deeper into this before you make up your mind. For the example at hand, there may have been other causes that have led to it and this is why the site owner has to take the time to review every possibility before blaming Google. The conspiracy theory is still out there, but if you have to face similar issues, you should take the time to review everything before you start pointing any fingers at Google.

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