How apps rank in mobile search results

The mobile friendly algorithm has been announced on the 21st of April and most people are waiting for the impact it will have on mobile searches. Few of them are aware that part of the algorithm was already released in February. This had a significant impact on the mobile searches and one of the major targets for this was on mobile apps.

One of the first criteria Google used to determine the rank of an app was based on how many people downloaded and installed it on their devices. This changed when app indexing was available. This allowed developers to offer certain content within their apps and it was meant to help Google find out more regarding what that app was all about.

The content submitted by developers acted as a site map and thus it became an important tool that helped them rank apps based on the queries of the users. The mobile friendly algorithm has already changed a few things in the way the search results will be displayed. Here is an example that is going to help you understand how things work.

How the App Indexing Works?

How apps rank in mobile search results

If an app used app indexing and a user is signed into Google, the mobile searches will rank the apps higher if the content within the app was a match for the query of the users. If the app was installed on the device, the content would also rank higher if it was similar to the queries. This sounds great, but it has already been changed.

Google no longer uses app installation as a relevant criterion to display the information within the content in search results. If the queries of the users match the content within the app, they are going to be displayed in mobile search results. This is going to help users find the apps they can install based on the queries they have made.

One of the things you will notice is that Google will not offer you a link to the content within the app. Instead it will link you directly to the app installation page and then you will be able to access the content you were interested in. It may sound like a bad user experience to some, but it can facilitate the access they have to the right apps.

Webmasters who want to make a change and gain more visibility should turn on app indexing. This is going to help searchers link to their apps based on a number of keywords and thus it will gain more exposure. This is a feature that will change the rules of the game significantly, but everyone has to play their own part.

The online community is also interested in the changes that will take place as soon as the new mobile friendly algorithm is going to be released. If you want to know more about this topic and what users think about the current changes in the mobile search results, you should visit the site our site for information.

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