How Did the SEO Audit Become the Most Important Part of an SEO Strategy

technical SEO audit

1. The SEO Industry Evolved to Place More and More Importance on the SEO Audit!

In the past, all SEO strategies were standardized. The same strategy could be used for many websites, and it produced very similar results for all of them. But search engines updated their algorithms continuously. And nowadays, you need to create a customized strategy for each website if you want to produce the best results. And the only way to do that is through an SEO audit. Only through this method can you gather all the information about a website. So, you can find out the needs of the website, starting with the technical SEO audit, and build a custom strategy that covers all of them.

Together with the rise in the importance, the audit evolved as well. In the past, you would find 3 types of audits. And if you used the services of an agency, then you could either choose one of them or buy all of them. But now, many agencies offer a full audit that includes all of the past ones. So, make sure that the agency that you want to collaborate with provides at least three parts in their audit.

Technical SEO audit!

The first part is the technical SEO audit. This type of SEO audit takes care of three main factors. The first one is the links. The agency must check all the links on your website. And the backlinks outside the site to make sure that all of them work correctly. The more link errors you have, the more visitors and potential clients you will lose. Most of the time, when a visitor gets an error while trying to access one of your pages, he will not become a regular visitor. So, to avoid these situations, the links must be verified at least twice a year.

The second part that the technical SEO audit must verify is the loading speed of your website. The best alternative is to check each page one by one. But most of the time, the loading speed is very similar to all the pages of your website. Keep in mind that people that are using the internet do not have the patience to wait for your website for more than 4-5 seconds. So, you need to find methods that will ensure the loading speed of your website. The most popular tactics for that are a high-quality host and using a tool that allows a gradual loading of your pages.

The last part of this type of audit is device compatibility. In the past, most users were from the PC. So, the importance of mobile device compatibility was very low. But now, over half of the Google Search users are from a mobile device. So, Google and other search engines increased the importance of this factor very much. This means that if your website has a low level of compatibility with mobile devices, then it will be ranked very low for all the mobile searches. Luckily, most website developers and SEO agencies can help you solve this type of problem.

On-site SEO audit!

The on-site part of the audit is responsible for all the content used on your website. Firstly, the keywords must be researched. There are many factors that you need to consider while choosing the main keywords of your website. So, the agency will do the research and propose the keywords that are the most compatible with your website and business. For that, they need to research your industry, company, and competitors.

Also, all the content must be verified for originality, relevancy, and engagement level. This is another essential step. Nowadays, content is the king of SEO, and the quality of the SEO used has an immense impact on the results that any SEO strategy produces. For this reason, you need to ensure that the agency can verify the factors mentioned above and create the content of high quality as well. If there is any content related problem, it needs to be solved as fast as possible. So, you can delete the problem pieces of content. Or you can let the agency rewrite them for you.

Off-site SEO audit!

The last part of the audit takes care of the image of your website on the internet. The focus will be on your industry. And the main factor verified in an off-site SEO audit are links. Basically, search engines search for all the websites where your backlinks can be found. The more websites have your backlinks, the more popular you are, the higher your ranks will be. But the quality of the websites matters as well. The authority of the website means the influence of your website in your industry on the internet. And it can be gauged based on the websites that link to your website.

Nowadays, the best method to take care of off-site SEO is to use content to build backlinks. For example, you can use the guest post strategy to build high-quality backlinks. Also, besides the three main parts of the audit, the reporting is essential. You need to make sure that all the reports sent by the agency are easy to read and that anyone with minimal SEO knowledge can understand them. SEO is a complex field, but the SEO experts of an agency must be able to explain the results in an easy to understand way.

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