20 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gamit services:

Please check our 1960+ SEO projects reviews received on Freelancer.com since March 2006!

  1. When will my site reach Top 5 rankings in Google for its keywords?
This is the most asked question of all times and it is not easy to give an exact answer. Each site reacts different to a SEO campaign because each site is unique – has an original content, a unique structure, etc. . Also, each site starts its Google rankings improvement from a different starting point. It takes less effort to push a site in Top 5 if that site is already in Top 50 when compared with a site which is new and it is not ranking in Top 200. However, what we can say for sure is the following:
  • Based on our vast experience (since 2006) you will receive a recommendation regarding what SEO campaign is most suitable for your site and keywords. Then, each month you will receive regular reports with your site keywords improvements in Google. Based on the improvements that your site will get we can then adjust the campaign (to create a custom one) to get better results.
  • We have customers which get Top 5 results in Google after 3, 6 or 12 months of work. Please check our results section for more details and examples.

  1. How long the results obtained for my site will last?
We need to understand first that in the web industry, the sites which are on the first page of Google (top 10 results) receive the most traffic (over 90% of all traffic). Because of this every web-master which achieves top 10 results will what to keep them for a long period of time. Once one of our customers ends the work with us after a monthly service (let say a 6 months contract) its ranks will stay in Top 10 for a couple of months or even more (this depends on the keywords and site area competitiveness). However, without any monthly work the ranks will start slowly to decrease so we recommend building links on a monthly basis in order to achieve and maintain top ranks results.  

  1. What is your experience in the search engine optimization industry?
Our work in this industry started in March 2006. Since then we have received around 2000 reviews for completed SEO projects which can be checked on our Freelancer.com profile. Besides this we also have many satisfied customers who worked with us directly through our web-site. For great success stories of our customers please visit our Results section.  

  1. What makes Gamit different from all the other companies?
Over 10 years of experience and 2000 checkable reviews prove that our services are reliable and offer great results. Gamit founders have high studies in the engineering field (Phd diploma) so they have a deep understanding of the Google algorithms. We are always up to date with the latest news in the SEO world and we are able to adjust our services to make sure that we deliver great results for all our customers.  

  1. Do you offer white hat SEO services? How can I be sure of this?
We offer only white hat services. We work in this industry for many years and we proved that our strategies have long term results. Please check our reviews on Freelancer.com and our Results section.  

  1. Does Gamit changes/updates its strategies based on the newest Google algorithm updates?
We use a progressive approach in our campaigns which bring results on a monthly basis. We are up to date with the latest Google updates and we always adjust our services to maximise and maintain the great results that we get for all customers. We have customers which use our services for many years and they always had great results – so this proves that we successfully adapt our services to meet all Google guidelines.  

  1. How will work on my project and what type of communication we will have?
We have a well-established personnel structure such as: project managers plus accredited writers and publishers. Each of our customers will receive a project manager which will be responsible with their project and communication. Each customer will receive SEO analysis reports, lists with all the work done, Google ranking improvements reports, etc.. Each project manager is available for communication 24/7.  

  1. What I will receive each month?
As soon as you will place your order through our site this is the process that will take place:
  • You will be contacted by one of our project managers which will request all the details from you regarding your site and keywords. He will assist you choosing the best keywords for your site and it will provide a full on site SEO report for you.
  • 10 days from your order you will receive the content written for your site so you can upload it on your pages and blog section.
  • 14 days from your order you will receive for checking the articles, press releases, blog articles, site reviews, etc, written for your keywords and which will be used to build the back links to your site.
  • 30 days from your order we will send you xls lists with all the back links built for your site.
  • 20 days from the day when we finish the project we will send you a Google ranking report made for your keywords showing your ranks before and after our work.

  1. Do you analyse my site from all points of view?
Yes, we will check your site for problems, content issues, we will provide keywords suggestions report to help you choose the best keywords for your campaigns and you will also receive a report showing your current Google ranks for your chosen keywords.    

  1. Will you create a custom SEO plan for my site needs?
Yes, if your site needs will not fit in any of our existing plans then we will create a custom plan for your site and keywords.  

  1. What type of guarantees I will receive that your SEO strategies will work for my site also?
We never had any issues with our strategies and we always achieve great results for our customers. We have many years of experience in all site business niches so we are 100% sure that we can find the perfect strategy to increase the Google ranks for every type of site.  

  1. How will I pay for your services? For example, if I choose a 6 months contract, I will make a onetime payment for the entire 6 months or I will pay monthly?
The payment is done each month via Paypal. For example, for a 6 months subscription, the Paypal payment will be automatically made each month on the same date.  

  1. Can I stop the collaboration with you at any time or do we need to finish all the 6 months if I choose a 6 months plan?
Yes, you can stop the collaboration with us at any time even if you choose a monthly subscription.  

  1. Can I review all the files (such as articles, press releases) that you will write and use to build the links to my site?
Yes, you will receive all the files to check before we start the link building campaigns.  

  1. Can I review all the links built to my site each month?
Yes, at the end of each month you will receive complete reports with all the work done for your site – xls files with all the links built so you can check all the work done.  

  1. Can I give suggestions on what ideas to use in the articles, press releases, blog articles, etc., that you will write for me to publish on my site and that you will use in the link building campaigns?
Yes, we are open to any type of suggestions from your part. Also, each member of our team of writers has many years of experience, English language certifications so you can be sure that all the content written for you will be very good documented and professionally written.  

  1. Do you write original content for my site and link building campaigns?
Yes, all the content that our team writes (site content + content used in the link building campaigns) is original, well documented and of high quality. We do not provide spin content or spin articles; this type of content is really bad for Google and will ban a web-site.  We also provide content writing services; please contact us to get a detailed offer for this.  

  1. Many SEO “gurus” use automated software for building back links, do you do the same?
No, using automated software will penalise a web-site. We have a team of publishers which manually publish articles, press releases, blog articles, etc., on the web to build the back links. All the work is manually done so you can be sure that we will not use any tricks to make the work easier for us and risk penalising our customer’s sites.  

  1. What type of free SEO services do you offer?
We offer many free services such as: full site SEO audit, site content quality check, existing back links quality check, keywords suggestions report, Google keywords rankings report, SEO plan proposal to get top results. Please contact us for more details!  

  1. Can you give me top 5 reasons that will convince me to use Gamit services?