How Does the Best Type of SEO Audit Look Like?

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1. What Type of SEO Audit Can an SEO Agency Provide?

The first thing that you need to know is the importance of an SEO audit. Without it, you will never be able to get the best results from any SEO strategy that you will try. Why? Because one of the goals of an audit is to provide all the information needed to create and implement a personalized strategy. And through this process, you can ensure that your website’s growth rate reaches the maximum level of speed and efficiency. But there is no universal type of website SEO audit that all agencies provide.

SEO is a vast field. And most agencies are focusing only on one part of the field. Most of the time, all the services that they provide, including the audit, will only cover that part while ignoring the rest. SEO can be separated into 3 main parts. And if you focus only on one of them, then you should not expect to get the best results possible. But it is still important for you to know more about these parts. And about the role that the audit has in each of them.

You need to learn at least the core parts of all types of audits. By doing this, you will be able to determine the quality of an SEO audit service offered by an agency. Which, in turn, will help you find out the perfect partner for your company. So, the first thing that you must earn is the difference between an audit focused on a single SEO part and a complete one that covers every SEO need of your website.

A Website SEO Audit Can Cover a Single Part of SEO!

A website SEO audit can be separated into multiple parts. Or, it can be focused on only one of the SEO parts instead of covering everything. So, the first things that you need to know are the types of audits, and what they should cover.

• Technical audit. The technical part of your website will also affect the ranks that your website will get in result pages. So, this type of audit must verify the functionality of your website in different situations. The core parts that must be checked are the links. Every link on your website should be functional and optimized. Secondly, the loading speed of every page on your website must also be checked. If the time needed for your pages to load is too big, then many of your visitors will leave and never come back again. And lastly, due to the rise in the technology level, more and more searches are done through mobile devices. So, your website must have a high degree of compatibility with them.

• On-site audit. This type of SEO audit will focus on the content used on your website. The first thing that must be checked is the quality. High-quality content will ensure that your visitors will start to trust your company, enjoy reading your website’s content, and re-visit your website again and again. But the position of the content is also important. For example, the subscription forms will produce better results if they are placed in specific positions. So, an on-site audit must also cover this part.

• Off-site audit. The last focused types of audits are the off-site ones. As the name implies, their goal is to verify all the components and methods used outside your website to increase the authority of your website in the industry. Some of the most important factors are the number and quality of backlinks. The quality of the host websites for the backlinks. And the reviews left on the internet by your current and past clients.

How Does a Complete SEO Audit Look Like?