How has the latest Google Penguin update changed SEO strategies?

The latest Google Penguin update is here and it’s making more heads turn than what was predicted. Who would’ve thought the new update would affect 1% of online searches but it has. SEO experts from all over the world have got a new scare from the best known aquatic bird.

But has all gone bad because of Penguin 2.1? Speak to SEO experts and webmasters and many of them would say that it hasn’t. In fact, some are happy that the new Penguin update is flushing out those websites that were cutting the corners to meet the Google Webmaster Guidelines. And to be honest a very few websites have been hit by the Penguin update and these are largely the ones that have been using tricks not deemed right. Given below are some culprit areas that have been hit by the Penguin.

Forum abusers – there are webmasters and SEO companies that have been abusing forums and they have been penalized. Forums can be spammed by inserting comments that exactly match the anchor text links. Forum owners can also spam by including exact matches of anchor text links in their biographies.

Blogroll links that have gone wrong

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Blogroll spammers – Blogrolls are hotbeds for link spamming. There are times when website owners are not aware of blogroll links that have gone wrong. It’s important to continuously analyze these links to escape the wrath of Google. If someone is not savvy with this kind of analysis an expert SEO company is the need of the hour.

Comment signature spammers – There are webmasters and SEO companies that abuse the comments sections of blogs. They leave their comments and include links or include anchor text matching signatures. Google is severely punishing these websites even when these links don’t get followed or there are “nofollow” tags in these links.

“Dofollow” links – Some SEO companies and webmasters purposefully omit “nofollow” tags or purposefully include “dofollow” tags in links that they post on the WWW. There are “dofollow” resource sites where one can get registered and doing this means inviting trouble because Google is bound to take note.

One or all of these practices were part of SEO, at least for some of the SEO companies. Now one has to ensure that they do things right and this has changed the SEO strategies of many websites. There are SEO experts that have openly opined that the Google Penguin update makes no sense but when you think it actually makes a lot of sense.

SEO companies are now being forced to do all the right things as far as SEO is concerned. SEO is a time consuming affair and many SEO companies were using shortcut routes to get their client websites ranked high on Google. They are all paying the penalties now. Thanks to this latest Google Penguin update there will be an increasing focus on ethical SEO strategies.

Gamit is one SEO company that hasn’t needed to change its SEO strategies even after the latest Google Penguin update. This is because this company has always respected the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

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