How Should an Agency Do the Off-Site SEO Audit of Your Website?

seo site audit

1. An SEO Audit Should Find all the Backlinks of Your Website!

An SEO audit should not be limited to the off-site part of your SEO. Both the technical part and the on-site SEO must be addressed as well. It does not matter if you fix all the off-site problems of your website and make sure that the off-site part is top-notch. Why? Because if your website is not working correctly, and the content on your website is not able to produce good results, then your ranks will not rise despite your thousands of high-quality links. .

You should search for an SEO agency that offers a full SEO site audit and offers you solutions for all the problems found in the auditing process. Luckily, taking care of the technical and on the on-site SEO parts, it’s easier than solving the off-site backlinks problems. Most of the time, you only need one week to get rid of all the errors of your site’s technical and on-site SEO. But you will need to use more effort and time for the off-site part.

But if you want to have a chance to reach the top of Search Engines Result Pages (SERPs), then you must not ignore the off-site part of your SEO. A reliable SEO agency will break the off-site SEO audit process into three processes and take care of them one by one.

• Find all the backlinks. The first step that an SEO agency should focus on, in an off-site audit, is to find all the backlinks of your site. The number of links still matters, and the more proper backlinks your website has, the higher your domain authority will be, and the higher your ranks in SERPs will rise.

• Find the quality of the backlinks. The number is not the only factor that is important in off-site SEO. The quality of the links also matters. The higher the quality of the links, the better search engines will reward and promote your site. So, you should focus more on building high-quality backlinks than focusing only on their number. SEO agencies know this, and they search for the quality of your current backlinks with an SEO site audit.

• Propose improvements. After the agency finds out the state of your off-site SEO, the agency should propose solutions to you. These solutions have the goals to improve your site’ SEO situations and raise your ranks as much and fast as possible. Keep in mind that it is your decision if you want to use these solutions or not, the agency can’t force you to buy their services.

How Do the Agency Find all Your Website’s Backlinks?

No, the agency will not search for your backlinks manually, many tools on the internet can take care of this job. Some of them are free, while others cost money. At this step, the programs used are not very important, because what matters is to find the backlinks. But for the next process, it is essential to determine the quality of your backlinks. Most free sites and programs will not offer you a large amount of information about your backlinks.

While finding the links, 3 factors are essential. All of them need to be taken into consideration because they will determine the framework of your off-site SEO

• The number of backlinks. Obviously, the first and most important factor is the number of links that your website has. Keep in mind that more backlinks do not necessarily mean better ranks or better off-site SEO. The goal of this part of SEO is the determine your credibility and authority in the industry. And the number of backlinks is not enough to determine that.

• The number of domains. This number will represent the number of different websites from where your backlinks come from. You can have 1 million backlinks, but if all of them come from a single site, then their effectiveness will be close to nothing. Why? Because search engines will see that you are not known in the industry. Only one other site knows yours, and the authority of your website will not rise very much. But the number of domains is also not very important. The quality of these domains matters the most.

• The number of backlinks per domain. This is something you should strive for. You should raise the number of host sites while also producing more than 1 backlink per website. You need to keep a proper balance between the two. Based on the results of the SEO site audit, the agency will be able to offer you a personalized plan for building your backlinks in the future. Every website is different, and no one knows beforehand what is the best solution for your website. For this reason, you need to make sure that an audit is done before the implementation of any SEO strategy begins.

2. A Proper SEO Audit Should Determine the Quality and the Results Produced by Your Site’s Backlinks!

The number of backlinks of your website is essential. But the quality of each one of them has the same importance. Actually, the quality of the backlinks is even more important than their number. The results produced by a single backlink can be even more than 10 times more than other lower-quality backlinks. This is not only true in the direct traffic that a link will provide to your website, but also the importance given by search engines. So, how can an SEO audit decide the quality of your site’s backlinks?

To be able to decide the quality of backlinks, an SEO agency needs to find and compare several factors. By doing this, they will be able to find the links with the highest quality the mediocre ones and those with low quality. The agency can next use this information to find and get rid of the backlinks that will draw your website’s ranks downwards. And by having examples, the agency can also help you build more quality links as well.

Quality of the method

The first step of the SEO audit is to decide the quality of the method used. There are many different link building methods that any website can use to build backlinks. But this does not mean that all of them can produce links of the highest quality. Search engines have specific requirements that not any method can accomplish. Nowadays, the best performing methods are those based on the content of high quality. Any other strategy will not be able to produce even half the results of the content-based ones.

For example, the number one method right now is guest posting. In simple terms, this method means that you will write an article, but it will be posted on other websites in your industry. The host site must be in the same industry or at least a related one. Otherwise, the results and the importance of the links will not be as high. The quality of the article is also essential. The better the article, the more effective it will be.

Due to the incentives given by search engines, guest posting had become the mainstream link building method. Most SEO agencies also recommend it because it can produce better results for their clients. And, in turn, they can claim part of the credit for a successful implementation that created astounding results. But the base for these results is made of quality. If your articles are trash, meaning that they have low quality, or they are plagiarized from somewhere else, then you should not expect any good results.

Besides guest posting, you can also find online other link building methods that are based on content, but they are still not as good as the guest posting method yet. Two of them can produce good enough returns for your website, and you can even combine all three methods to diversify your off-site SEO.

• Infographics. Everyone knows what an infographic is, but not everyone likes or knows how to build one. It can take even more time than writing an article, but the advantage is that, unlike guest posting, it can be used to use more links with a single piece of content. As mentioned above, articles must be original, and they should not be on more sites at the same time. But infographics do not have this problem. If you can find 1000 websites in your field that can make use of your infographic, then you can get 1000 backlinks. Even if you can’t accomplish this ideal situation, but you can see the potential of this method.

• Social media. Most social media channels are starved for good content. More accurately, their users are the starved ones. And if you can produce content that can satisfy the users, then the platform will help you share your links all over the platform. An attractive post can get a mind-boggling number of backlinks at the same time. Keep in mind that these are rare situations, and not every post will be a hit. So, if you want a method that sacrifices a little in terms of content quality for a higher number of backlinks, then this method is for you.

Quality of the host websites!