How to Create a Perfect SEO Strategy Through an SEO Audit!

seo audit report

1.What Type of SEO Audit will You Need?

The SEO industry has evolved over the years, and the standard strategies that worked in the past are no longer effective. The algorithms of search engines have been continuously updated. So, the requirements for a website to reach the top ranks in search result pages are now much harder to accomplish. Every company is different, and an SEO strategy must consider the differences. You need a personalized strategy. And an SEO agency must use an SEO audit to find all the information needed for the creation of the perfect strategy. Also, a reliable agency will include it in the SEO audit report.

4 types of audits can be found on the market nowadays. SEO can be separated into 3 parts. And there is a different audit for each part. While the last type is a combination that covers the first 3 options. The basic types of audits are:

• Technical audit. This part of SEO covers the technical optimizations that your website needs. The user experience and satisfaction of your visitors are the most important factors that search engines will use to decide the ranks of your website. And if there are issues that will decrease the quality of these factors, then the ranks of your website will be dragged down. So, the goal of a technical SEO audit is to find and provide solutions for this type of issue. The 3 most encountered problems are link errors, loading speed, and mobile device compatibility.

• On-site audit. The on-site SEO part of a website includes all the optimizations that the content needs. So, if the quality of your website is low, then it will have negative effects on the results of your SEO efforts. The goal of an on-site audit is to find the content on your website that has a low quality and decide if it must be deleted or replaced. Also, a reliable audit will provide a long-term strategy with the type of content that you should use in the future.

• Off-site audit. Lastly, the off-site audit covers all the backlinks and authority that your website has in the industry. A reputable website will be given better ranks than an unknown one. Why? Because most users will have a much higher trust in a website that they already heard about. So, in the SEO audit report for the off-site part, you will find the backlinks of your website that have low quality as well as those that have the best quality. You should also be able to see the results that these links produce. Based on this information, the agency must create a personalized plan that will ensure that all the future backlinks of your website will produce the best results possible.

How does a full audit look like

A full SEO audit is actually a combination of the first 3 types. And it is recommended that you search and use this type of audit. Why? Because that is the only option that will allow you to understand the SEO state of your website without missing any problems that will impede your SEO efforts in the future. Also, it is impossible to reach the top ranks in SEO if you focus on a single part while ignoring the rest. Doing that will produce mediocre results, and it may cost your company more than it will get in return. Although focusing on a single SEO part is not a bad idea in itself, but you need to also cover the other 3 parts. You need to make sure that there are not SEO issues and that you reserve a minimum of resources for the last 2 parts as well.

A full audit will help your company take complete care of all the SEO needs of your website. Most agencies have a favorite SEO part that they focus on. But a reliable agency must also be able to cover all the needs of the 3 SEO parts. So, while you search for a reliable agency, the first thing that you should do is to ensure that the SEO audit that it provides is a complete one. There are several expectations that you should have from it.

What should you expect from the SEO audit report?