How to perform an SEO audit in 5 easy steps?


1. Introduction

If you are thinking about implementing any sort of SEO strategy before performing an SEO audit, you might not be aware of what an audit means for a website and how it could help the website’s overall performance in search engines. A comprehensive audit of your website in relation to SEO will reveal the flaws, strengths, and potential of your website, while detailing how your website performs in search engines.

According to, “six months is the most popular frequency for performing an SEO audit”. How often you decide to perform it using a specific SEO audit tool is up to you. Nevertheless, when it comes to actually getting the much needed results of this procedure is necessary whenever you are about to begin an SEO campaign. How can you know that you are implementing the best solutions when you don’t have anything to count on as a solid foundation for the chosen strategy on the SEO front?

Staying relevant is one of the goals that you should set for your website in this day and age. Bringing organic traffic to your site is another. This goal is directly related to the relevancy part mentioned before. Everything is connected to on-site and off-site features, alongside the content posted on your web pages. Adjusting and improving your website regularly is critical for the success of your business.

2. What Are the 5 Aspects You Must Check Through an SEO Audit?

Opting for an audit can be a daunting task, especially when you do not have any experience in this field. The biggest problem is not the lack of experience, but the fact that you need the actual audit to not last too long, because you want to go straight to the optimization part. Here are the most important 5 steps you need to follow when you are ready to collect accurate data regarding your website’s performance:

• Start with a crawl – this is the first and most important step that you need to make because it offers you the baseline for your whole audit for SEO purposes. You can choose to rely on an audit tool or a combination of a few, based on your preferences. Either way, when you perform the audit, you have to pay attention to any issues that might be causing higher bounce rates, lower conversion rates and fewer page views. When opting for the help of a tool, this type of scan is done automatically. You don’t have to do anything other than just wait for the process to be completed.

• Check website speed – according to, you need to make sure that you learn which of your web pages are not loading fast enough because “fast-loading and optimized pages will lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions.” The same SEO audit tool will offer you insight regarding the speed of your web pages, including your mobile version. It’s critical to ensure that both versions of your website have fast loading times, for SEO purposes.

• Assess your website’s architecture – this step is what will offer your users the best experience. The good news is that the audit will let you know whether your website has a “a clear, logical, organized structure that is reflected in a complete, accurate sitemap”, according to You require your site to have a solid structure that will make it easier for search engines to index your pages.

• Take a closer look at your website’s content to ensure that when it comes to your brand’s visibility and site ranking are at a maximum level. This can happen only if the content that can be found on your pages is not only unique and relevant, but also matches user intent, while offering them true value. This is a bit more challenging to assess when opting for an audit. However, there are features that can help in this matter. Check out keyword integration, the length of content and so on.

• Check your backlinks – even if you don’t always decide who links to your website, it is important to be aware of every single connection. This is possible by analysing these links with the help of the right audit tool, which will let you know whether there are any sites that might be harming your reputation. This way, you can take action and eliminate any ties that might be having a strong impact on your ranking. At the same time, if there are not too many backlinks to your website, Google will immediately assume that not too many web users find your pages relevant. If that is not the case, analysing your competitor’s backlinks should be on your “to do” list.

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3. What Are the Benefits of an SEO Agency?

Improving your search engine ranking is a never ending task that can become overwhelming for many webmasters. There is no real reason why you should do it on your own, especially when you have SEO experts you can count on every step of the way, starting with the SEO audit. For SEO purposes, it is better to work with an SEO agency when performing an audit because the agency will be able to explain what works and what does not work in regards to your website. An agency just like ours will not only identify any possible problems, but will also make specific recommendations that they will also be capable of implementing.

Gamit is a reliable agency able to provide comprehensive SEO audits at any time, especially when you are prepared to benefit from an SEO strategy designed to help your website reach the top. Among the reasons why you should trust Gamit, we would like to mention:

• experience, which we have gained while working with countless clients for over 10 years;

• professionalism, with which we complete each SEO project;

• dedicated tools, or more specifically, the mix of the top audit solutions available on the market we rely on for every campaign;

• trustworthy practices, which lead to the best results for our clients;

• motivated personnel. Our team is always available for ongoing support as well as any type of inquiries you may have regarding our SEO packages

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