Improving your search on mobile devices

People today rely more on mobile devices for online activity than they did a few years back. This happens because mobile devices are more convenient, they offer a wide range of features and the speed of the connection is getting much better every day. Here are a few facts you would have to take into account and the changes they generated.

It is estimated that more than 70% of the emails are opened on a mobile device and about 65% of Facebook users and 75% of Twitter users are on mobile also. One of the other common activities people use the web for is searching for accurate information. The results found on mobile devices do not always provide the information you seek.

One of the most important aspects users focus on when they are conducting a search online is the relevancy. They do not want to find results that are not related to their search and they are not looking for sources that will not offer the information they need. Since no one likes to be disappointed, something has to be done to improve their results.

The Popularity of Mobile Devices

Improving your search on mobile devices

Since the popularity of the mobile devices is growing by the minute and since the number of users is also on the rise, Google has also focused on making a change. Over the years there have been many different solutions offered by the team at Google to improve these results, but the demands got higher and they had to keep up the pace with this also.

A website can be changed so it can be easier to view on mobile devices. Google also made it easier for users to find the pages that are more mobile user friendly. On top of that, they also introduced app indexing so the users could find content they were interested in from apps. But why stop there when there is so much more they can do for users?

Mobile friendly websites are not so easy to find even when a mobile device is used, but things are going to change. Google will implement an update to determine how mobile user friendly a site is and it will use it as a ranking signal. Websites will rank better in mobile searches if they offer relevant information optimized for user devices.

The search results based on app content will also become more relevant for users. Google will also use information from indexed apps to determine the ranks of the results for users that have the app installed and sign in. The content surfaced from indexed apps will be used more prominently when Google will display the results of your search.

There are quite a few others things you may be interested in when you want to learn how the results of your mobile search will be improved. If you want to learn quite a few other details about this process and when you should expect this new Google update to be launched, you should read more about it by visiting regularly our site!

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