Is It Worth Investing in Monthly SEO? A Side by Side Analysis of the Pros and Cons.


1. Introduction

Most people set a budget when they design a website and this budget is not necessarily a cheap one. Business owners do not bargain with their website designer because they are aware of the importance of having a well-designed website but what most of them fail to do is to set a monthly budget for a SEO campaign. This is a huge mistake because it is impossible to rank high in search engines without professional SEO services. Once your website has been released in the digital landscape it needs to be properly maintained and promoted so that it is seen and valued by Google and by your target audience.

Professional SEO services are definitely a necessity for websites that want to rank well in search engines. The most difficult part for website owners is to determine what type of SEO they need: monthly SEO or one-time SEO? One-time SEO is a service chosen by those who have just built their website and want to optimize it for search engines, while ongoing SEO, according to, It’s a process because the market, the competition, and the companies that set the rules – search engines – are constantly changing and evolving.

Which of these is more successful and why? With so many changes it is hard to believe that one-time SEO will deliver the desires results for a long period of time. Markets change, competition changes and what is most important is that search engine rules change and this affects all websites. Those who want to make it a priority to rank at the top of search results have to accept the fact that they need ongoing SEO to obtain the desired results. In other words, you have to invest in SEO constantly in order to see results, to track them and to monitor their progress. You have to be able to see what SEO strategies work best for Google, what should be changed from one month to the next and so on and this is possible only thanks to ongoing SEO.

What Are the Benefits Brought by Ongoing SEO Services?

When it comes to ongoing SEO and monthly SEO services, the advantages they provide are clear. According to, ongoing SEO provides:

• Regular review and analysis of analytics

• Changes made in accordance with the findings

• Content building

• Regular reporting and reviewing that ensures you are on the right tracks

As mentioned by the same source, one-time SEO on the other hand is a good idea for:

• Websites that are just being built and need to be optimized

• Local SEO services

• Websites that want to connect to Google Search

• Metadata and on-text page optimization for main pages

main advantages when outsourcing

Ongoing SEO puts at your disposal personalized reports and it enables you to form a clear idea about what has been done for your website. Thanks to these reports you can modify your SEO plans accordingly and increase the performance of your services. Another important aspect is that professional monthly SEO packages will help you rank well in search engines and it will help them see what techniques they should use to achieve their objectives.

According to, SEO is a process because we can’t always anticipate what’s coming next. The language on your website has to keep up with market demands and reflect the language being used by your peers, prospects and customers. Search engine rules that decide the rankings change every day and the only way to obtain long-lasting results is to opt for ongoing SEO.

What are the Cons of Ongoing SEO Services?

As far as the cons of ongoing SEO are concerned we should mention the following:

• It does not deliver immediate results

• It requires time and a constant investment in SEO services

One-time SEO on the other hand has the following disadvantages:

• It is efficient only under certain circumstances

• It does not provide long-term results

• Its results cannot be tracked and monitored

Ongoing SEO will help you keep up with all the changes and it will adapt to the latest and the best SEO pratices. When you choose monthly SEO services, you will benefit from long-term results and you will not have to worry about your ranking in Google’s search engines. Google changes its search algorithms all the time and when you choose one-time SEO services it is impossible to keep up with these changes and to ensure that they do not affect your website. With ongoing SEO this is no longer an issue and you will no longer fear when you hear that Google launches a new search engine algorithm.

You need monthly SEO packages because they are the ones that will make a long-term difference for your website. It is not easy to create a strong presence for your website in the digital landscape but specialists in this field know how to accomplish that and they recommend ongoing SEO. It is recommended to find a monthly budget for professional SEO services that will top your expectations and that will consolidate your brand in the online environment. In fewer words, ongoing SEO services are a must-have for websites that cannot afford to be affected by Google’s search engine algorithms changes and that want to consolidate their position in the online environment. This requires a constant investment but it is definitely worth it considering the numerous advantages it brings.


Why Should You Work With Gamit?

Regardless of the budget you have at your disposal for SEO and the type of services you have decided to opt for, it is important to find a reliable agency that will help your website with its rankings. Gamit is a trustworthy, reliable agency that has a professional team, delivers personalized services, uses safe optimization techniques that are not banned by Google and provides monitoring and consultancy.

To summarize, you can count on Gamit to help you accomplish your SEO objective, be it a long-term one or a short-term one. What matters is that should you decide to hire them you will enjoy the advantages of working with a team that loves what it does and that has in-depth knowledge in this field. Experienced marketers will conduct an audit of your website and they will tell you what needs to be improved in order to rank higher in search engines.

The whole point of having a website is to deliver your customers an enjoyable user experience, one that they will not forget any time soon. Should you succeed to accomplish that they will return to your website every time they need your services or products. Gamit can help you deliver a wonderful experience to your visitors and specialists in this field will do what needs to be done to take your website to the next level.

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