Keeping the Google Penguin update at bay

With the number of websites getting hit by the Google Penguin update the whole prospect of running and managing a website may seem scary for some. Indeed this new Penguin update from Google has upset many SEO apple carts.

SEO strategies that were till now bypassing the Google Webmaster Guidelines using tricky methods have suddenly landed in some bit of soup. The one dangerous part of this update is that it’s irreversible.

This means that once a website gets hit then it’s almost impossible to go back to the glory days of high page rank. There is nothing out of the ordinary that one has to do to ensure that their website is not hit by the Google Penguin update.

Unethical SEO means or cutting corners

Google Penguin update at bay

You will find SEO companies lamenting the fact that the Penguin has ruined years of their hard work. But when someone digs deeper they shouldn’t be surprised that many of these SEO companies were using unethical SEO means or cutting corners. As far as ethical SEO is concerned you can do all these elements mentioned below and continue to enjoy high page rank for your website.

The whole exercise can essentially be categorized into two parts – content and link. Although the Google Penguin update targets links and not content, it is content that still rules. If you haven’t your website content updated in a while then this is the time to get that done. Get the keyword density right and use alternative and long-tailed keywords.

Good content will always impress Google and your visitors and you can bank on both of them to give your website good ratings on this count. Links are highly important when it comes to getting a high PageRank score but there has to be a way to acquire links. If you are going too fast you can bet on Google taking a closer look at your website. Even now it’s the quality and not quantity of links that matters.

It is all well to try and create links through blogs and articles but ensure you don’t overuse keywords in anchor texts of links. And of course, check the link sources continuously. If you are getting linked from disreputable websites get them removed. Of course, there is the need for an experienced SEO partner for all this. If you haven’t used SEO for your website yet then this may be the ideal time to have a look at some of the best SEO companies in the country.

If have an SEO partner and your current SEO partner is not been able to manage your SEO well then you may want to have a relook. You cannot take any chance with the Google Penguin update. Ensuring that your website doesn’t get hit by Penguin is far easier than changing SEO strategies once you have been hit. Gamit could be one name you may want to keep at the top of your list. Gamit is one SEO company that you can always back on proactively managing all Google updates. Try our SEO services: One Time Link Building; Monthly SEO contracts; Panda and Penguin ranks recovery; Keywords Rank Maintenance. Contact us for any SEO questions!

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