Linking your own sites for a better user experience

People have a lot of things they want to share and the first source they use for the information they want to send out is the web. There are many new sites developed every second and each of them is going to help users learn new stuff about a certain topic. The developers that focus on quality content will always try to help users learn new things.

Since they have something good to share and since they focus on the user experience over the web, a site developer may have more than one site over the web. It makes it easier to structure information, it may provide details about a different topic even if it is related to the others and it can help users find what they need with very little effort also.

One of the first things the developer is inclined to do is link them together. This happens because each site he or she develops is going to offer a good user experience, they have quality content to share and they are linked in one way or another. Even if this is a good call from any point of view, how will search engines look at the linking strategy?

Search engines strive to make their queries as user oriented as possible

better user experience

Among the first issues you have to understand is that search engines strive to make their queries as user oriented as possible and they want to provide good results, but in the end they use a mathematical algorithm for it. You should keep this in mind because there are certain parts of this that may see this activity as invasive and manipulative also.

This happens because there have been many sites before you that have tried to link pages together that had no real value to the user. They attempted it in an effort to make their sites rank better, but they did not focus on the quality of the user experience. Because of these manipulative actions all the users that link their own sites had to suffer.

If you want to try to link your sites together so you can offer a much better experience for the users, there are a few things you need to try. Even if you may be hit by the algorithm and even if you will not be among the top sites in their results, you can make things right and you can prove that the links you use are very useful for your visitors.

You are not the only one who has to face this sort of issues and you are not the only one who wants to link together a few sites. If you want to be sure it will not hurt your ranking and if you want things to be legit from a search engine’s point of view, you have to read more on this topic. As it was pointed out, you are not the only one who has to deal with this sort of issues and you can read more about it if you take the time to visit the forum of Webmaster World.

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