Money back refund policy


Out of respect for our clients’ time and money, we offer quality SEO services backed by GUARANTEED RESULTS – NO-nonsense, NO gimmicks, NO risks.

We understand how difficult it is to entrust your website’s search engine position, traffic, and online revenues in the hands of a company that may or may not deliver the outcomes you envision. A professional SEO team that can validate its work through results, testimonials, and above all else guarantees, will erase such uncertainty from your mind.

Why should you choose a company that can’t promise results when you can choose one that delivers Satisfaction Guaranteed or 100% Money Back?

At Gamit, we aim to earn your trust and collaboration and maintain a trustworthy long-term relationship. We are a performance-driven team, certain of our SEO knowledge and experience, and confident of our ability to deliver successful results.

So confident that we offer Guaranteed SEO Rank Improvement.

Definition – guaranteed SEO services/ What is Guaranteed SEO Rank Improvement?

Guaranteed SEO Rank Improvement refers to the increased search engine placement and visibility for your website. We take on the commitment and responsibility of getting higher SERPs positions for your keywords. Otherwise, you are entitled to a Full Refund of your investment.

100% Money Back if we cannot show Guaranteed SEO Rank Improvement!

How it works? Guaranteed results or 100% Money Back – Refund Explained

• The client is entitled to a full refund if Gamit SEO Agency is not able to deliver SEO rank improvement for the website’s keywords within a timeframe of 6 months.

• The client is entitled to additional work instead of a refund. This means that, upon request, Gamit can perform 3 months of SEO work completely FREE of charge, NO further billing, and NO refund of initial funds.


1. Suggestions and recommendations made by Gamit company as part of the SEO strategy designed for each client must be followed and implemented accordingly within 10 working days from receipt, for the Refund Policy to apply.

2. The SEO package, the number of keywords, and the competition of keywords chosen for the SEO campaign interfere with the Guaranteed SEO Rank Improvement. Gamit company must approve these for the Refund Policy to apply.

3. The age of the website will influence the results obtained and therefore, the Guaranteed SEO Rank Improvement. New websites require a longer timeframe for SEO work, so websites must not be new for the Refund Policy to apply. We consider website to be new if it is less than one year old.

4. Upon refund, ALL links will be removed. The client must be aware that Gamit company is entitled to remove or delete any links built for the client’s website during the SEO campaign if a full refund is requested by the client at the end of the 6 months contract.

5. Upon refund, ALL other mentions will be removed forever. The client must be aware that Gamit company is entitled to erase any trace of SEO work made for the client’s website, including, but not limited to content creation, and on-site adjustments.

Refund Policy Exceptions / Refund Policy Exemption Details

The following enhancements are hereby binding Gamit SEO Agency and the Client to the terms and conditions of the Refund Policy. These situations exempt Gamit company from offering a full refund and are set forward to ensure best practices, to sustain the value and integrity of Gamit SEO services, and to protect the benefits of our clients, as well as the company.

• The SEO package payment may be canceled at any time. The client is in its right to cancel the monthly payments for the 6 months SEO campaign, at any time. However, the client must be aware that any cancellation before the completion of a 6 months contract, while in its favor because all fees will be discontinued, means that NO Refund will be granted.

• The setup fees are NON-refundable. Setup fees refer to payments made for, but not limited to, initial SEO Audit, on-site website analysis, professional advice for on-site and off-site SEO optimization, content evaluation, and SEO strategy development. These fees are different than the monthly payments for the SEO services, additional to the SEO packages recommended by Gamit company, and NON- refundable.

• Certain SEO features need proper optimization. It is our responsibility to ensure that all SEO methods abide by the current standards of the industry and that all variables are consistent with these standards. Such variables include, but are not limited to, website design, website architecture elements, structure, meta tags, meta descriptions, keywords, images, and content. If any of the above variables are in any way modified by the client without Gamit consent, NO Refund will be granted.

• The client company collaboration must comply with the best SEO practices. It is our responsibility to provide recommendations or adjustment suggestions based on website evaluation and the latest SEO trends. These refer but are not limited to, website structure, keyword density, content, on-site optimization, and external links. If the client chooses to ignore the recommendations and refuses to perform the necessary changes suggested by Gamit company, NO Refund will be granted.

• Gamit SEO Agency must be the sole provider of SEO services. If the client employs another SEO agency while at the same time working with Gamit SEO Agency, NO Refund will be granted. Additionally, if the client performs SEO on its own, NO Refund will be granted.

• Gamit SEO Agency must be allowed to provide the SEO services contracted. It is our responsibility to perform the SEO services agreed upon most professionally and efficiently possible. If at any time, Gamit company is limited by the client, in performing its services, or if the client wishes to change the scope of the SEO work, other than what was agreed upon, NO Refund will be granted.

• The client’s website must have a positive reputation. The authority that the client’s website has in search engines is given by its placement. This directly impacts our ability to perform SEO services and improve the website’s ranking in search engines. If by any means, the client’s domain becomes blacklisted or de-indexed due to the client’s actions, NO Refund will be granted.

• The client’s website must be complete, ready for use and accessible. To provide the best possible outcomes for our client’s website, we must be granted access to the website. This implies that the website must be fully operational and live on the internet. If, by any means, the website is not available on the internet, is offline, or if we are denied access to it in any way, NO Refund will be granted.

• The client’s website must represent a valid business. The website of the client must represent a valid business, one that is open and functional. If the client loses its business or shuts down its operations and wishes to change the SEO campaign to a different website and keywords, NO Refund will be granted