New algorithms to help the search

In a world that changes constantly stagnating is not an option. The world of the web is dominated by the hunger for new things on a daily basis and developers have not disappointed so far. One of the best examples in this direction is the appreciation of mobile devices when it comes to connecting to the internet and others have to keep up the pace.

Even if modern mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs are on the market for less than a decade, they have become very popular among users. This happens because of the portability and convenience. Since the number of smart mobile devices is on the rise, the rest of the world has to keep up the pace and come up with solutions.

For instance, since a big part of the online activity is moving towards mobile devices, business owners have to focus on making their web presence suitable for such devices. Their websites have to be modified so they can be easier to view on a smaller screen resolution and they have to inspect every element so it will work in the same conditions.

Are Mobile Apps the New Trend?

New algorithms to help the search

One of the other trends that have become very popular these days is the development of apps for mobile devices as well. This happens because they use the resources of a mobile device much better and people no longer want to rely on web browsers to access the information they are interested in. Everyone has to make a change to keep up the pace.

Google is one of the first names that pop in your mind when it comes to the web and it has also seen the necessity of a change. This is one of the reasons why they have developed a new algorithm that can make the results of queries suitable for mobile devices. Every site will have to become mobile friendly or they will suffer a hit in their ranks.

Even if site owners have about a month before they can get their web presence in shape for the new algorithm, there is some good news about this. The new algorithm is going to analyze every page before it will rank a website. This means that a boost in your rank will be possible even if you will achieve your goal only with a part of the website.

One of the other benefits of the new algorithm is that it will run in real time. As soon as it will be released on April 21st, this algorithm is going to index every website and it will determine the new ranks. This is a process that will happen every time your site will be crawled and you have to make your site mobile friendly as soon as you can.

There are many other things you should know about this new algorithm if you want to get your web presence in shape. For more details please contact us!

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