New Google update and the others

Owning a site is not hard, but if you want to attract more traffic and you are looking for a higher rank in the results of Google queries, it will become a lot harder.

Google is the most popular site on the planet since it is the first search engine people use when they want to find information. This is why it is the first tool webmasters must consider also.

Google may be easy to use by people who want to find information, but site owners must face quite a few difficult challenges when they want to gain a higher rank . The Google algorithm is created to return results that users will appreciate and this is why it is updated on a regular basis.

A new update from Google is just around the corner.

New Google update and the others

A new update from Google is just around the corner. Every time a major change is implemented in the algorithm from Google, site rankings are influenced in one way or another. The first major update was called Panda and it was first released in 2011. This was meant to get rid of the sites with little value for users and to promote the ones that mattered. Around 12% of search queries were impacted.

The second major change was in 2012 when Penguin was released. This was an update that was meant to spot all the sites that used dubious methods to influence their rankings. As the search queries are better filtered, the quality of the results will be appreciated by its users. Penguin had a major impact on about 4% of the queries users made.

In 2013, to mark the 15th birthday of Google, Hummingbird was launched. This was the update that was meant to add a more humane note to the searches. This means Google has started to interpret the queries of the users, rather than just searching for the words. There were few technical details, but the impact was meant for 9 out of 10 queries. In 2015, the new update will be released.

It is the first time when Google offered a specific date for a launch, but it will be released in full strength on April 21st. This update targets all mobile queries people make and it is meant to offer better results for the devices they use. By mobile devices Google refers to smarphones and not tablet PCs. More and more people turn to their cell phone to find a solution over the web.

This happens because they never leave home without their phone and they can search for what they need on the spot, wherever they are. Since the number of mobile searches is on the rise, the impact of this new update can influence more than 50% of the queries.

Stop wasting time and start working on making your website friendly. You can do it even after the release of the update, but you should not be caught off guard. If you want to learn more about this topic, you can visit the site our site or contact us directly!

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