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Link Building Strategies are the most commonly used strategies when it comes to off-site SEO services. During this process, back-links to your site are built using different methods.  The purpose is to increase your sites visitors by improving its rankings in search engines (especially Google because is the most used  one) for your main keywords and products (services) that your site has to offer.

Let’s say that you have great products that you want to offer to your customers in the world wide web community. You made an outstanding website and you are ready to start your online business. You launched your site and now you wait for orders to come. However, waiting for customers to come to your site is not the best approach. For your site to receive traffic and so potential customers, it needs first to be indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It is known that search engines index websites really slow and that for this a stimulant is needed. This stimulant can be made through a link building campaign. However, having a  website indexed by Google is not enough because you need your site to be on the first page of search results for your main keywords and services. This is the hardest part. You can search the web and educate yourself or you can search for a capable search engine optimization agency, with proven results, years of experience and affordable prices.

We offer bellow three link building plans from which you can choose for: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each of these packages is designed to meet the following objectives:

  1. Complete index of all your site pages by Google (and all the other search engines).
  2. Increase your ranks considerably for your chosen keywords.
  3. A one time link building package can be used to push your rankings for your main keywords in Top 5 if you already have top 20 rankings.
  4. You can test our services with a one time link building package and then choose our monthly services. We recommend to use our monthly services if you want to reach and maintain top 5 rankings for your keywords.

One time (30 days delivery) SEO and link building services from Gamit:

Silver SEO plan
Gold SEO plan
Platinum SEO plan
No. of keywords
2-4 keywords
6-8 keywords
10-14 keywords
SEO analysis and report for your website
Keywords suggestion file for your website
Initial Google Ranking report made for your chosen keywords
No. of articles written for your site and published on quality web sites.
1 article (750 words each)
2 articles (750 words each)
4 articles (750 words each)
No. of back links built with the above articles.
35 article links
70 article links
150 article links
No. of press releases written for your site and published on quality websites.
1 press release (750 words each)
2 press releases (750 words each)
4 press releases (750 words each)
No. of back links built with the above press releases.
30 press release links
60 press release links
120 press release links
No. of blog articles written for your site and published on quality websites.
1 blog article (750 words each)
2 blog articles (750 words each)
4 blog articles (750 words each)
No. of back links built with the above blog articles.
30 blog article links
60 blog article links
120 blog article links
No. of site reviews written and published on quality sites.
2 site reviews (150 words each)
4 site reviews (150 words each)
4 site reviews (150 words each)
No. of back links built with the above site reviews(social bookmarking links).
30 social bookmarking links
60 social bookmarking links
60 social bookmarking links
No. of document sharing back-links.
15 back links
20 back links
20 back links
No. of blog comments back-links created
10 back links
10 back links
10 back links
No. of profile back-links created
15 back links
15 back links
No. of video back-links created with 1 short video.
5 back links
5 back links
No. of image back-links created
20 back links
20 back links
No. of classified back-links created
10 back links
No. of web directories back links created
10 back links
TOTAL NO. OF BACK-LINKS YOU WILL RECEIVE (not only submissions!)
150 Quality Theme Links
320 Quality Theme Links
540 Quality Theme Links
Complete reports with all our work
Before & After Google Ranking report made for your keywords & website
One time PayPal payment

Hire us on Freelancer.com – another option that we offer to start your collaboration with us. Why you should choose to use it:

  • Please check our Freelancer.com profile, we are members since March 2006 and we have almost 2000 reviews received from completing with success SEO and link building projects.
  • Once you will open a project for us through the hire Gamit on Freelancer.com link we will accept your project and we will establish all the details on the project message board.
  • We will discuss in detail the search engine optimization strategy that we plan to use for your site, establish which are the best keywords for your business, make an on-site complete analysis and establish the milestones which we will meet through our work.
  • You will not pay us until we will get the job done. Freelancer.com uses an escrow payment system which means that you will place the money in an escrow account for us  (create payment milestones) which you will release to our account once the job is done and verified by you.
  • 10 Strong reasons why to choose Gamit as your SEO partner:

    1. Our strategies are refined through 12+ years of work and constant development.
    2. Our link building strategies are checked and verified to be in line with all Google rules and requirements.
    3. Only 100% manual work is done by our team. No automated software is used  which can lead to penalization (like automated submissions, articles spinning, etc.).
    4.  We use original content (thousands of words in length, informative and well structured) that it will be written by our team for your site and keywords, only few optimization agencies to this. All our writers have English certifications and you will receive all the files for checking.
    5. We can offer guarantees that your Google ranks will improve – NO ONE has the ability or courage to offer this. We can do it because we have a deep understanding of SEO and we base our strategies on techniques developed from our vast experience. Please check our Google improvements results page achieved through our 100% white hat techniques.
    6. Our prices are the most competitive ones – starting from $37 per keyword.
    7. We all are educated, all our team members have high diploma degrees. One of our CEO has a PhD in Engineering at University of Leeds (UK) with the specialization in routing algorithms for wireless sensor networks (to find the shortest path from a source node to a destination with less energy consumption and 100% data delivery rate). This area is very similar to the Google algorithms that try to find the best results with the help of some specific rules. So, our SEO agency (Gamit) fully understands all the technical aspects behind how Google works.
    8. All our team members are evaluated on a monthly basis. Each team member receives special training directly from our CEOs so you can be sure that all our work is of high quality.
    9. You will be kept in the loop 100% through detailed reporting, file approval and work checking. You will know exactly on what you spend your money with us. There are many search engine optimization companies who do not reveal what they do using the argument that: “their optimization techniques are secret and that you should only look at the results”. But Gamit will reveal in detail all the work done and will deliver also Google Ranks Improvements Reports similar to the ones presented in our Results section.
    10. We will always be available for discussions, Q&A sessions, detailed analysis reports, optimization advice, etc.. One of our goals will be to also teach you as much as we can about this industry and how Google works.